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Extracting the future from the past

The historical events around 700 BC has tremendous implications for our understanding of the Nemesis star system, if you are able to see the pattern. We are talking here about three major incidents of cosmic nature that occurred from 750 to 687 BC. The events made news in a very apparent down to earth manner for the people living at that time, the cause however for the events had to do with a celestial unfolding; the passing of a dark star through our solar system.

In 750 BC an enormous earthquake shakes the lands, presumably the entire Earth. The quake has such immense impact that it will be known as a judgment from above; A Day of the Lord. Amos the prophet gains reputation for having predicted the event some two years prior. Then in 702 BC, another wondrous event takes place; the axis of the Earth tilts slightly, rotation goes backwards for a short period. The sundial of King Ahaz is seen to miraculously retreat ten steps.

Finally in 687 BC, King Sennacherib is marching on Jerusalem with an humongous army, thousands upon thousands of troops and is, rightly, expecting a swift victory. However, a vast thunderbolt strikes, killing 185,000 men in one blow. Biblical tales hence talk about how an angel of the Lord smote the main part of the Assyrian army in one night. The force of the blast indicates a powerful discharge between heavenly bodies, in this case; Nemesis passing very close to Earth.

There is a sequence here, a pattern: Major earthquake - Pole Shift - Celestial discharges. This in fact shows a line of development, rare but repetitive and predictable stages in the recurrent passing of a celestial body. To add the final piece of the puzzle, we need to include the Santorini eruption of 1645 BC, likely triggered by a "Day of the Lord" event. A global earthquake repeats itself but not evenly. The quake rests for 895 years, comes again and now rests for 2766 years.

Nemesis, our binary twin star, comes back from time to time but its orbital patterns are not of a simple and easily understandable nature. Nemesis was not born with our sun, in was captured, or better put; it captured our sun. Imagine two stars just passing each other, like on a motorway. But their attraction overcomes their speed. They halt and start falling past each other, this time much closer. This results in a peculiar orbit, one big loop followed by a smaller loop, and so on.


The Earthquake trigger Mechanism

What exactly causes a 'Day of The Lord' earthquake? Since Nemesis is a star, it has the same characteristic "Oort Cloud" as our sun. This Oort Cloud represent the balance point between the suns gravitational pull and the repelling force of the solar wind; the outward directed flow of plasma and charged particles. This gravity bow shock point creates like a huge bubble around the actual sun. The surface of this bubble will be inhabited by dust, gravel and up to planet sized rocks that dwell in a non moving state, they are in rest compared to the star itself.

It is when this gravity bubble of Nemesis reaches Earth that a fundamental shaking will occur. Quite literally, it will come like "a thief in the night". Especially since our governments very methodically hide the skies from us, blocking the view. There will be damage on infrastructure and devastation caused by tsunamis. Many people will die from rushing waters, debris falling from the sky and from rubble caused by earthquakes. This is a shame, hinting disaster is not the same as actually saying it plainly. The governments will have a huge burden on their conscience.

However, the great earthquake won't be the end by far. Houses will be rebuilt, roads and railways reconstructed. The electric grid will, at least partially, be established again. A simpler lifestyle will come to fruition, to the better for mankind, I believe. Then, after some additional 48 years the big Pole Shift will occur, not slightly this time but as a severe roll, up to 156 degrees. It will be the end of a cycle for humanity. But not to worry, life will go on. People not evacuated to other stations will reincarnate at other planets, all in accordance with their cosmic developmental stages.


Hazardous timeframes

The development stages of a star in motion can be quite possible to survey. Pinpointing specific events in history, however, can be a total nightmare. The counting of times were not a particularly precise exercise in prehistoric ages. This, of course, puts the prophetic element of this small essay on particularly thin ice, so to speak. Time and again I have totally misinterpreted the timing of vital historical events, I ask your indulgence with this mess. Pinpointing years have been and may still be off by a longshot. However, my main concern is to establish the motion in itself of the Nemesis star, its fundamental orbital stages. Because if this orbit can be revealed, my friends, it means nothing less than liberating mankind from the recurrent karmic destruction and amnesia.


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