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Shake, rattle and roll...

Things are heating up, folks. The approach of star Nemesis is very difficult to brush aside now. Earthquakes are increasing, getting stronger and more frequent. Wind and rain are getting more severe, when they occur, but the seasons seem to have blended to a grey mix. The Earth rotation is affected, exactly how much is hard to tell, Main Stream Media denies everything. Earth has a substantial wobble, causing short term weather switches. The planets of Nemesis occasionally get visible, although the "elite" does everything in their power to conceal them with advanced space filtering techniques and heavy chemtrailing. Nemesis has, at times, been sighted at the horizon as a fiery red/orange ball. The skies has been bathing in deep purple and red light, even long after sunset. The members of the heavenly host of Nemesis makes sky lights appear at intervals, moving retrograde. If it weren't for the established Sun and Moon simulator*, people would have freaked out long time ago. At least, things now appear to be fairly normal and comprehensible.


But imagine the total shock when the Oort cloud of Nemesis appear and smash the Sun and Moon simulator to pieces, revealing the real murky red light of the Sun, and as a consequence, the red light of the Moon. We are living in a imaginary bubble, so to speak. Things are not normal, but heavy measures have been implemented to create the impression of all being well. The Nemesis Oort cloud cannot be far away now, it is a matter of months rather than years. When is appears, it will trigger an enormous global earthquake. Local tsunamis will appear and the intensity may be quite severe. Costal lines will be flooded causing great damage but the waters will recede fairly quickly. When the great earthquake comes, do not hesitate; run for the closest hill as fast as you can. Undoubtedly, the earthquake will be more severe in the areas along the Ring of Fire. There will however be no area untouched by this event. It is advisable you keep a basic emergency equipment kit such as water, a portable stove, matches, some tools and dry foods for camping.


* Plenty of information on the Sun simulator topic on YouTube.



An important clue

The Santorini Earthquake has not given us the necessary time frame needed to pinpoint the arrival of the Oort Cloud of Nemesis, at the time of Moses. There is however another event which can be verified with some certainty; the Bronze Age Earthquake of 1644 B.C. This would seem to corroborate the length of Nemesis orbit to 2767 years below the ecliptic and 894 years above. If this proves correct we might be extremely close to the great quake in the Book of Revelations!


Assessing the dangers ahead

It is this imminent global earthquake that is of primary concern. This will likely be accompanied by a shower of small to large asteroids. The approach of the asteroids just might be predictable, use discernment. Small pebbles are usually followed by larger rocks. An asteroid onslaught seldom fall top down, when you see the angle and the direction of the rocks; hide behind cliffs or stone buildings. Avoid caves and bridges since they might collapse, either from impacts or from the earthquake itself. Tents for shelter might be used, but then only in cover of a firm cliff or boulder. The darkness after the global earthquake is a substantial problem. The electricity will likely be down and flashlights will soon ware out. Candles and Oil lamps might be a solution.


The Pole Shift are estimated to come some years after the global earthquake, more precisely around the year 2066. There will be a time of relative calm after the great quake, an increasing pattern of storms, landslides, local earthquakes and flooding will continue, however. It's hard to tell when the Sun will regain its luminosity. The biblical "seven year period" is an estimate for the duration of the darkness, though the Sun simulator might have shortened this time. When the Pole Shift arrives it will all be over. Understand one thing; the Earth will not tilt with merely 30 percent. Earth will flip upside down, minus the angle of Nemesis approach. This corresponds to a 150 degree roll. North pole will be the South pole and vice-versa, devastation will be total.


Stand firm and decisive

Have no fear, fulfill your destiny. Calmly estimate and evaluate what has to be done on a day by day basis. There is a true power in the human community, benevolence is the original trait of humankind. Do not believe people who claim humans are evil and egocentric. Help each other and nothing will be impossible. The future is not completely cut in stone, what you decide to do matters. Negative thoughts will spiral down in destruction, positive thoughts will open doors. Yes, there is a problematic time ahead but obstacles are there to be conquered. The future lies in a blend of ancient and modern solutions to diverse problems; this is actually a good thing!


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