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Origin of "The Beast" of Nemesis


There are rumors and testimonies about a tiny companion of the approaching sun Nemesis. This follower is believed to be closely attached to Nemesis solar body. The size of the companion are little in comparison with Nemesis but the mass might be considerable. A short testimony about the existence of this object can be found in the Kolbrin Bible. We read; "There, riding on a great black rolling cloud came the Destroyer, newly released from the confines of the sky vaults, and she raged about the Heavens, for it was her day of judgment. The beast with her opened its mouth and belched forth fire and hot stones and a vile smoke." The witness of the event at this time, clearly speaks about a smaller heavenly companion who takes part in the calamity that follows.


In the image to the left, Nemesis is drawn as the large reddish object, the smaller portraying "The Beast". The relative sizes of the objects are of course just an estimation. An intense force field, maybe magnetic, makes debris 'float in thin air' between the two. But do we know anything about where The Beast is from and how it came to join Nemesis? Perhaps so. In order to find clues, though, we must dig deep into the history of the solar system, starting with the ancient creation myth; 'Enuma Elish'.



Going down history lane
In reading Enuma Elish, we are introduced to the God Marduk, who battles Tiamat, a Goddess of great evil. The battle ends with Marduk dividing Tiamat in two halves; one creating planet Earth, the other creating Heaven (planet Nibiru). However, I believe this tale is echoing an even older event; a facedown not with planets, but with suns. In this pre-historic era, a giant yellow sun ruled with absolute power. Marduk (Nemesis) is present already, though merely as a companion star of the heavier sun. Formerly luminous Osiris, Nemesis has collapsed to a dark neutron star, due to a long period of losing energy to the yellow monster sun, which was later called UR-BAR-RA (Wolf).


In the community of solar system members, complaints had arisen against UR-BAR-RA wreaking havoc with outbursts and erratic behavior. The destiny and the calling falls upon Nemesis to be the avenger slaying the monster, restoring cosmic order. And so it is; Nemesis moves in close to the UR-BAR-RA solar body. UR-BAR-RA is over confident and expects a swift victory, however she underestimates the enormous density of Nemesis. There isn't even a collision between the two stars, Nemesis passes nearby and, almost gently, tears UR-BAR-RA apart. The battle is over, from UR-BAR-RA three parts remains; Astarte (our sun) a pre Jupiter body and a smaller core.



















The core of UR-BAR-RA


The pre Jupiter member was a heavier version of our present Jupiter gas giant. In passages to come, Nemesis drew out not only planet Saturn but also planet Venus from pre Jupiter. The myth about Venus being born from the "head of Zeus", in this aspect, really makes sense. Going back to the initial battle, the core of UR-BAR-RA probably stayed in orbit around pre Jupiter for some time. In one of the later passages, Nemesis attracts this dense core into an orbit around itself. We can assume the core of UR-BAR-RA to consist of dense iron atoms, possibly even to a degree that atoms have collapsed into neutrons, forming something like a "Mini Neutron Star".

What is the identity of this core? We know that is must be a stand-alone being, just like the sun Astarte was born when the older sun was divided. And just like Jupiter still might be considered a sun, even though the luminosity is gone. Just speculations, but the core probably has less status than a full blown planet or sun. Beings on Earth mirrors the ones in heaven, or vice versa. And so the core might represent a cosmic animal, an actual Beast like a dog or perhaps a horse. Or in a mineral aspect, the core may represent 'Mjolnir', the hammer of Thor. In any case, the companion of Nemesis appears to be a very powerful resource, one that should not be taken lightly.



The twins - Ancient partners


Independent researchers following the incoming Nemesis system have reported on a specific phenomenon in the host of heavenly bodies. Among the major seven accompanying bodies of Nemesis, there appears to be a closely connected pair of glowing "stars". These two seem to have a luminosity of their own. Evidence is mounting they are actually red dwarf stars, growing in brightness in the vicinity of our sun. Actually, this is a reasonable conclusion, since Nemesis itself is a heavy neutron star.


In the ancient depicting of Ahura Mazda, two mysterious "wheels" are seen below the divine craft. I interpret this to be a symbolic rendering of the two partner stars of Nemesis. Since they are described as twins, they are obviously gravitationally connected, moving in a loop around each other. The twins are likely a heritage from the sun UR-BAR-RA, ruler of our solar system before our present sun. UR-BAR-RA carried these twin dwarfs with her but Nemesis later captured a substantial part of her host.




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