Some background: I bought this corvette during the summer of 2003 with the intention to restore the car  during a period of 2 - 3 years. The restoration will be performed stepwise because I really want to drive the car during the summertime in Sweden. This means that I have to plan the restoration work to fit the winter season in Sweden to be able to drive this beauty in the summertime.


                            1. This is the shape that my Corvette was in when I bought it

                            1.1 Left side                                                                                                               1.2 Front

                            1.3 Top right view                                                                                                         1.4 Top view when garaged prior to dismounting work

                            2. Some dismounting work has started

                            2.1 Seats and back of interior                                                                                      2.2 Front when dashboard is removed

                    2.3 Right side of engine                                                                                              2.4 Left side of engine                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        2.5 Unpolished aluminium wheels                                                                                     2.6 Polished aluminium wheels

                                                                                                                                                           Rusty headers test2.6 A little upgrade compared to pictures 2.3 and 2.4

2.7 Rusty, ugly headers 2.8 A little upgrade compared to pictures 2.3 and 2.4
  (Edelbrock Performer intake manifold and Edelbrock 1406 carburettor


After the dashboard has been removed a snake nest of electrical wirings was revealed... Some of this electrical installation has been modified in a free minded way that leaves some detective work to me. OK, there are at least no computers under this hood, just +12 V and the ground to take care of. Piece of Cake...

Regarding the interior I have ordered a complete set of cut pile carpets and leather seat covers and a lot of other details. my plan is to keep the original colour of the interior i.e. corvette red.  Yes, I know, it looks like a pimp car, but I love it !!

I will also keep the exterior color of the car which is corvette light beige (only a few cars in 1978 were painted and delivered in this colour).

The intention of this restoration work is to keep the work as simple as possible, for instance, I will not do a body lift to refurbish the frame.


A couple of pictures after the restoration performed during winter 2003 - 2004


                    Left side, actually nothing new except from the polished aluminium wheels                       Just a nice angle isn´t it !                         


New interior, the seats have new upholstery, new carpets, new doorsides                    Little more of the doorside

And some more leather, the seats are now like brand new, very comfortable                The engine has got some new things like carburettor, intake manifold, alternator



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