Tyre Pressure Measuring System

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Overall cost 200 (8 sensors) + 100 installation on 4 tires.

The positioning of the receiver is important, an external antenna might improve reception. If not positioned correctly data update will suffer.

It is interesting to see the pressure go up when tires go warm! Overall a nice safety feature for any driver that also can save you money if you avoid running on low pressure.

Thanks Robby.

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Tire Pressure Measuring System (Reifendruckkontrolle) built as a modification of a 3'd eye kit.

The modification will let TPMSDoctor and TPMSConfig for instance communicate with the system via an USB port with a pic processor in the other end. The pic is connected to the receiver of the original system.

Robby's made the pic code as well as TPMSDoctor sw etc.

Sensor batteries lasts for 5 years

Sensors will probably fit better with other assembly method than using the stem's

Compatible sensors at WAECO http://www.waeco.com/en/303.php

I bought my rebuilt system (3'd eye + pic with USB interface) from LYTHSPD on mp3car.

It seems like the front tires are the most difficult ones to get good reception. I've put my receiver in dash.

I am waiting for TPMSDoctor in 800x480 size :-)

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14 bytes = 2 synch, 4 ID, 1 pressure, 1 temp, 1 battery, 1 state, 2 CRC + 2something
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The sensor (broken)

Hard work...

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