Huawei E220

Start Up

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I've bought a Tele2 3G E220 Huawei USB 

Internet access for 99:- / month thru 3G or GPRS.

I've got some good info about 3G from 3 (three) and Tele2. Mobile phone operators in Sweden. 

The modem comes with sw (mobile connect) that self installs with autorun from USB mass storage device inside the modem.

This sw is no good, as you have to manually connect and disconnect to internet. Also it does not work on resolutions below 600x800. This is what you have to do:

Deinstall "mobile connect". "connect to" in the start button is still there. Number is *99#.

Install drivers from the mass storage device.

Start gpedit.msc and enable "turn off autoplay".

Disable PIN code by putting SIM card into mobile phone.

I have also disabled the disc entirely in the modem.

Create a shortcut for the dialup modem by right click. This shortcut can then be put in start->all programs->startup.

Uncheck "prompt for phone number".

I run tightVNC server on the carPC and tightVNC viewer on my laptop connected via ethernet cable.

This does not work

The shark fin on my roof top can be equipped with dual band mobile antenna. Dual band GSM that is...

There is an adapter for the Huawei E220. I though it might improve reception with the sharkfin antenna. Unfortunately it probably does not fit. 3G is 2.1GHz and the sharkfin is only GSM. 900 and 1800MHz. Also the signal strength is probably too low.