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Joseph Gillott's new series of popular pens.
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Gillott's Steel Pens Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue, 1902.
Gillott's vintage nibs Zanerian College Catalog


Joseph Gillott's
Steel Nib Boxes

how old these boxes are? Please email me if you have any information about the Gillott boxes.

Gillott Crow Quill 659
Gillott 303 Gillott 404
Gillott 404 Gillott 404 fine
Gillott 404 fine Gillott 404
Gillott Drawing Pens 170 Gillott 291
  TODAY the boxes are white. This is a box of 36 Gillott nibs No. 291 from the 1990:s.

Gillott CAUTION label »Caution label«
CAUTION »J.G. regrets to say, certain disreputable Makers have tried to impose upon the Public a spurious article, bearing the mis-spelled name of the Patentee and Sole Manufacturer, thus "GILOTT", or "GILLOT", so as to retain the sound-- please to observe, ALL THE GENUINE PENS ARE MARKED IN FULL, "JOSEPH GILLOTT"; and every Packet bears a facsimile of his signature.«

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