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»Interesting compilation of information on companies and manufacturing processes, published by the Birmingham Pen Trade Heritage Association — BPTHA«
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Gillott404Welcome to the nib site A web site about Steel pen nibs and related items. BLAM design supplies new and vintage steel pen nibs (pen points for dip pens) to Scandinavian Calligraphers, Cartoonists and Collectors. (Some pages are in Swedish only.)

Please note: I do not have nibs or nib units for fountain pens in stock. If you are looking for fountain pen nibs — check the Fountain Pens Gallery and the Fountain Pen Links

NIBLOG Niblog is a weblog (blog) about steel pen nibs, writing and drafting equipment, art, design, lettering, comics, fonts, calligraphy and a few of my favorite sites on some of my favorite subjects.
»Please read the Niblog
NB!Dear Customer, due to a computer crash, the nibstore is temporarily closed. Reopens in August 2005. Please note all orders have been posted, however there has been some delay.
new! Special Introductory Offer Vintage Nibs Sampler Purchase a collection of 25 different antique dip pen nibs for only $19.99 USD. Pay via PayPal. Free shipping and handling! One wood dip pen holder included.
free Play the Nib Game!!!Read all about it in Somerset Maugham's novel »Of Human Bondage« [FREE rules online]

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NIBS STORE The Nib Store Reopens in August 2005.
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* Articles
* Lead Shot Inkwells by Anthony Hogue
 Recycling Used Copperplate Nibs by Ludwig Tan
 How Steel Pens and Nibs Are Made
* Who was Josiah Mason?
* Manga Nibs — Japanese Pen Points pen-saki
* Dream Nibs — Most wanted nibs for Ornamental Script
* Pens and pen nibs used in US Navy drafting shops
* Platt Rogers Spencer — Biography
* Gum Arabic

* Book
manufacturing process*The Story of the  Invention of Steel Pens
With a Description of the Manufacturing Process by Which They Are Produced by Henry Bore, London, 1890. This great book is a new scan from project Gutenberg. Download FREE today!
* Dictionary

 Look up the words 'pen' and 'nib' in the Century-Dictionary
* NIB — pronunciation and etymology in Merriam-Webster's dictionary

sweden In Swedish
• Nordisk familjebok 1891 — stålpennor
• Nordisk familjebok "Ugglan" 1918 — stålpennor



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Highest auction prices on vintage nibs
Gillott No.1 Zanerian Fine Writer William Mitchells Sample Book B&F Baionnette
diagramHere are some very interesting nibs from eBay auctions in the past. »Read more...
US DOLLARS»Read a list of the most expensive nibs sold on eBay in January 2003 (Items from the L.L. Fields collection).
MOST WANTED»See the MOST WANTED pen points — images of the famous 'Dream Nibs' and their boxes.
eBaySearch eBay auctions for "nibs"

back to the top Nib Novels
  1984 — George Orwell (1903-1950)  
  "1984 - first editionWinston fitted a nib into the penholder and sucked it to get the grease off. The pen was an archaic instrument, seldom used even for signatures, and he had procured one, furtively and with some difficulty, simply because of a feeling that the beautiful creamy paper deserved to be written on with a real nib instead of being scratched with an ink-pencil." read more...  
  Quote from George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four
chapter 1, first published in 1949.
  in English 1984 online — links, images, quotes, summary, movies, posters...
in Swedish Läs citatet på svenska — 1984 quote in Swedish
  Of Human Bondage — W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)  
  "Of Human Bondage (1936 dustjacket)...a mania ran through the school for a game called Nibs. It was a game for two, played on a table or a form with steel pens. You had to push your nib with the finger-nail so as to get the point of it over your opponent's, while he manoeuvred to prevent this and to get the point of his nib over the back of yours..." read more...  
  Quote from W. Somerset Maugham's Of Human Bondage
chapter XII, first published in 1915.
  in English Of Human Bondage — Somerset Maugham links, images, quotes, summary...
back to the top Steel Pen Poetry
  A Pen of Steel — George Pratt (1832-1875)  
  "GIVE me a pen of steel!
  Away with the gray goose-quill!
I will grave the thoughts I feel
  With a fiery heart and will:
I will grave with the stubborn pen
  On the tablets of the heart,
Words never to fade again
  And thoughts that shall ne'er depart."
  »Read the whole poem in the Yale Book of American Verse on  
back to the top Nib Music
  Her Nibs — Georgia Gibbs  
  "GEORGIA GIBBSOn the Jimmy Durante Camel Caravan radio show, she received her trademark nickname when host Garry Moore dubbed her "Her Nibs, Miss Gibbs"
»Read more
  custom hifi  

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Nib Tips
Unreadable nib numbers
NIB (Zapf Dingbats)"You know those little numbers on your nib that you need a magnifying glass to read and even then unless the light hits them correctly they all look weird. Here is what you do: Take a white marker and color over the numbers. Immediately wipe it off and the white will stick in the numbers and you will be able to read it more effectively."
Elizabeth Gadus, Cleveland, Ohio
, Cyberscribes
- - -
inked"A properly inked nib should have ink covering the eyelet of the nib. Ink should evenly adhere to the surface dipped in the ink and should not bead up"
Joe Vitolo, Ornamental Penmanship Group
[message 9368]
Nib Resources
NIB (Zapf Dingbats)The Web's Most Complete Source of Steel Pen Nib Links
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 Famous Nibs
scroogeCarl Barks
inventor of Uncle Scrooge, drew Donald Duck comic books with Esterbrook #356 nibs.
»read more || »new book
words for steel pen nibs in different languages
What is a nib?
-A small thin convex metal device that tapers to a split point, fits into a holder, and is used for writing or drawing.
Soennecken Breitfeder 2,5
Catalan Plomí, Plomí d'acer
pen, stålpen, penne
Dutch pen, pennen
English steel pen, steel nib, dip pen, pen point, pen-nib
Esperanto plumo, skriboplumo
Finnish terästerä
for drawing: piirustusterä
for lettering: tekstausterä
(terä = nib, blade)
French plume, plume d'acier, plumes d'ecriture, plumes métalliques
German Feder, Federn, Stahlfeder, Stahlfedern, Schreibfeder, Schreibfedern, Zeichenfeder, Bandzugfeder
Interlingua puncta (de pluma)
Italian pennini d'acciaio, pennino
Japanese pen-saki
(saki = point, tip)
Norwegian pen, penne, splitt, splitter
Portuguese pena para caligrafia, pena de caligrafia, pena nanquim, pena de aço
Spanish pluma, plumas, plumilla, plumillas, plumillas de acero, plumas de acero
Swedish stålpenna, stålpennor, stålstift, ritstift, pennspets
Help Needed
mail What do you call nibs in your language?
»Please email additions and corrections
Did you know?
Calamophiliste is a French word for nib collector - collectionneur de plumes.
 THE Nib Book
La memoire des Sergent-Major / Il Pennino
francais La mémoire des

Jean-Pierre Lacroux
& Lionel Van Cleem Éditions Ramsay-Quintette, 1988.
»Out of Print
italiano Il Pennino
Italian edition, Ulisse Edizioni, Turin, 1988.
»Out of Print
»Lacroux's web site
»Van Cleem 's web site
o Search Libraries and antiquarian booksellers
Nécrologie - Obituary
Jean-Pierre Lacroux ”Jean-Pierre Lacroux, auteur, est mort le 12 novembre à Bruxelles à l'âge de cinquante-cinq ans.”
Lire la suite...
• Jean-Pierre Lacroux died November 12. 2002.
Read more (in French)
 USA US Navy Nibs
»Pen nibs and Pen Care in the US Navy drafting shops. Illustrator Draftsman (DM) Training Course.
»read more
 in Swedish Frog X-ray 1896
X-RAYA frog with a steel nib inside was one of the first X-rays done in Sweden.
Photo© Medicinhistoriska museet
»read more (in Swedish)
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