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startpage Comics and Lettering Start Page - Startsida
This page - Short descriptions of the comics-related and comic book lettering pages on this web-site.
News BLAM News - Nyheter
Find out
what's new on this site about lettering, comics, calligraphy, handwriting and arts.
Lettering Comics Lettering Fonts - Typsnitt för textare
Links to FREE and commercial comic and cartoon font sites. Previews, international characters, accented letters,
Swedish alphabet. MAC and PC. TrueType and Postscript fonts.
Comics Comic Book Links - Serielänkar
Links to the best comic book sites.
Covers Comic Book Covers - Bokomslag
Mutts, Sin City, and Bitchy Bitch are some comic books where I did the Swedish title lettering and/or coloring and graphic design.

Lettering - Textning
Article about comic book lettering (in Swedish).

Manga Manga
How to draw Manga - Books, Pens, N ibs
Manga Links Manga Links
How to draw Manga - Links, Tutorials
lettering school Lettering School - Lär Dig texta serier
Tutorials, Tips & Tricks, How to? All you need to know about comics and cartoon lettering. Links to lettering articles.
Online Comics Online Comics - Onlineserier
Links and daily updated Walt Disney News.
Gillott404 Nibs.tk - Stålpennor till salu
BLAM design supplies new and vintage steel pen nibs to Scandinavian cartoonists and calligraphers.
Gillott Gillott's nibs - Gillott stålstift, onlinekatalog
 Finest quality pen nibs.

Boktips - Recommended Book


digital prepress


Digital Prepress for Comic Books
Kevin Tinsley
ISBN 0-9675423-0-8
Stickman graphics
Läs mer om boken >>> (klicka här)

»Digital Prepress for Comic Books är den bästa bok om datoriserad serietidningsproduktion jag läst. Du finner det mesta du behöver veta om skanning, färgseparationer, textning, omslag mm. [läs mer]« HP

-Kevin Tinsley's Digital Prepress for Comic Books is the definitive desktop production guide for comic book publishing. [Read more]



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About BLAM
HPHans Presto is a Swedish free-lance lettering artist and art-teacher. BLAM design supplies new and vintage steel pen nibs (pen points) to Scandinavian cartoonists and calligraphers.

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