Virtual Audio Cable

 Obviously many user missing stereo mix on windows 7, and it dose not  even comes up when you try to turn on showing disabled devices on recording tab..However there is something called  Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) , It provides you with a virtual stereo mix. Many user wish to play music in chat rooms and want to be able to do that with good sound quality, and without a stereo mix its impossible. Here comes a short tutorial on how you download and install virtual audio cable on windows 7..Good luck 

Step01: After downloading, double click on setup.exe  if you  have 32bit windows if you have 64bit windows then choose setup64.exe and the installation process will begin
Step02: Click next 
Step03: Choose a location for installing VAC at 
Step04: Press install 
Step04: Open  virtual audio cable from start button then right click on the controllpanel and run as administrator to be able to use all the functions on the program.Then set the cable to 2 and click on the set button and then exit.
Step05:After installation right click on speaker icon in the right corner on desktop and choose recording on menu and look at your devices. You will find line 1 and line 2 in recording and playback tabs.
Line 1 and Line 2 are virtual audio cables as it is shown in the picture.
Step06: Choose playback
Step07: Open ‌virtual audio cable again and double click on  audio repeater a window will appear as its shown here.
Step08:Change wave in to microphone and wave out to line 2 using drop down menus.
Step09: Open  another repeater and set the wave in to line 1 and wave out to line 2 as shown this picture.
Step10 :Now open the last repeater and set wave in to line and wave out to the speakers.
Step11: Now go to the sound card properties, choose playback tab
by right clicking on the speaker icon and set as default playback device.
Step12: Now go to recording tab and set that line 2 as  default and then press OK.
Now start all the repeaters at the same time and viola you've got stereo mix on your windows 7. If you wish your voice not to be heard then you close the repeater nr 1. VAC give you opportunity to play music and talk on the Microphone at the same time with an excellent sound quality.
Enjoy .
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