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My transcriptions

  • Ideally every transcription should be available in C, Bb and Eb.
  • Also, there should be a sound file, since I'm not very good a notating rythm you really need to hear what's going on
  • I have probably made some errors, if you feel like it drop me I line and tell me how I screwed up ;-)
  • If you have a problem with that these files are published, also drop me a line.
  • The chords are written in concert key in some of the transposed charts, I might change that later.
  • The chords may be wrong, I play a single note instrument ;-)


Song Artist C Bb Eb Soundfile
Darf'n Tony Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson PDF PDF PDF MP3
Jag har nära nog nästan allt man vill ha Per "Ruskträsk" Johansson PDF PDF PDF MP3
Fine together (second chorus) Lars Gullin PDF PDF PDF MP3
I was brought to my senses Branford Marsalis (with Sting) PDF PDF PDF MP3
Oops Michael Brecker (Steps Ahead) PDF PDF PDF MP3
West end Blues (Intro) Louis Armstrong PDF PDF PDF MP3
Now's the Time Sonny Stitt PDF PDF PDF MP3
Summit Meeting (lead sheet) Eric Alexander, Nicholas Payton PDF PDF PDF MP3
All the things you are Not disclosed PDF PDF PDF MP3
Jag tycker inte om dig (Sympati) Johan Hörlén, Allsång på skansen PDF PDF PDF MP3
East of the Sun (1st chorus) Charles McPherson PDF PDF PDF MP3



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