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Some of my recent publications

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2009 (co-edited with B. Petterson and K. Jenbert) Arkeologi och samhälle. Lunds universitet: Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens historia. Available from here!

2009 (co-edited with A. Piccini) Contemporary Archaeologies. Excavating Now. Frankfurt/M.: Peter Lang. Beskrivning: C:\Users\Cornelius\Documents\Cornelius Webpages Mastercopies\contemparch2.jpg

2007 Archaeology is a Brand! The Meaning of Archaeology in Contemporary Popular Culture. Oxford: Archaeopress / North America: Walnut Creek, Left Coast Press. Google book page.

2005 From Stonehenge to Las Vegas. Archaeology as Popular Culture. Walnut Creek, CA: Altamira Press. Google book page. Buy at 30% procent off!

2000-8 Monumental Past: The Life-histories of Megalithic Monuments in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). A living electronic monograph.University of Toronto: Centre for Instructional Technology Development. (

2000 (co-edited with H. Karlsson): Philosophy and Archaeological Practice. Perspectives for the 21st century. Göteborg: Bricoleur Press. Table of content

1999 (co-edited with A. Gazin-Schwartz): Folklore and Archaeology. London and New York: Routledge.


contributions to books

NEW! 2010 "Heritage Values in Contemporary Popular Culture." In: Heritage Values in Contemporary Society. Edited by George S. Smith, Phyllis M. Messenger, Hilary A. Soderland, pp. 43-54. Walnut Creek: Left Coast Press.

2008 "Popular culture and archaeology." In: D. Pearsall (ed.) Encyclopedia of Archaeology, pp. 1859-1868. New York: Academic Press.

2006 (with Howard Williams) "Landscapes and memories." In: The Cambridge Companion to Historical Archaeology. Edited by D. Hicks and M. Beaudry, pp. 235-254. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2006 "Studying archaeological fieldwork in the field: Views from Monte Polizzo." In: Ethnographies of Archaeological Practice: Cultural Encounters, Material Transformations. Edited by M. Edgeworth, pp. 81-94. Lanham: Altamira.

2005 "Geschichtskultur in ur- und frühgeschichtlichen Kulturen Europas." In: Der Ursprung der Geschichte. Edited by J. Assmann and K. E. Müller, pp. 87-111, 292-300. Stuttgart: Klett-Cotta.

2004 "Archäologie als Spurensicherung." In: Die Aktualität des Archäologischen in Wissenschaft, Medien und Künsten. Edited by K. Ebeling and S. Altekamp, pp. 306-324. Frankfurt/M.: Fischer.

2003 "Dyster står dösen." In: Archaeologies of Remembrance. Death and Memory in Past Societies. Edited by Howard Williams, pp. 281-299. New York etc.: Kluwer/Plenum.

2002 "Die Rezeption vorgeschichtlicher Objekte im zeitgenössischen Alltag: Zum Beispiel Stonehenge." In: Dino, Zeus und Asterix. Zeitzeuge Archäologie in Werbung, Kunst und Alltag heute, pp. 289-294. Edited by I. Jensen and A. Wieczorek. Mannheim: Reiss-Engelhorn-Museum and Langenweißbach: Beier & Beran.


journal articles

NEW! 2010 On the Possibility of Time Travel. Lund Archaeological Review 15/16, 2009/2010, 31-41.

2009 A European perspective on indigenous and immigrant archaeologies. World Archaeology 41 (4), 672-681.

2008 The Past is Now – An interview with Anders Högberg. European Journal of Archaeology 11 (1), 7-22.

2008 Zoos as heritage: an archaeological perspective. International Journal of Heritage Studies 14(1), 3-9.

2008 (with O. Ortman) Endangerment and Conservation Ethos in Natural and Cultural Heritage: The Case of Zoos and Archaeological Sites. International Journal of Heritage Studies 14(1), 74-90.

2007 What Does Not Move Any Hearts - Why Should It Be Saved? The Denkmalpflegediskussion in Germany. International Journal of Cultural Property 14 (1), 33-55. Manuscript available here.

2006 Can less be more? Heritage in the age of terrorism. Public Archaeology 5, 101-9.

2005 Beyond crusades: how (not) to engage with alternative archaeologies. World Archaeology 37, 544-551.

2004 The future of electronic scholarship. Internet Archaeology 15.

2002 From the life-history of a monument to re-uses of ancient objects. Excavations at Monte da Igreja near Évora (Portugal). Journal of Iberian Archaeology 4, 177-201.

2002 Notes on the life history of a pot sherd. Journal of Material Culture 7, 49-71.

2001 Die Lebensgeschichten vorgeschichtlicher Monumente in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Ethnographisch-Archäologische Zeitschrift 42, 359-391.

2000 Sculptures in captivity and monkeys on megaliths. Observations in Zoo Archaeology. Public Archaeology 1, 195-210.

1999 (with T. Schadla-Hall): Age as Artefact. On Archaeological Authenticity. European Journal of Archaeology 2, 229-247.

1998 The life-history of megaliths in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany). World Archaeology 30 (1), 23-38.

Please note that most of my book and journal articles are available from me as pdf files (free of charge). Simply send me an email and mention which one you are interested in (cornelius.holtorf (AT) Requests by students and colleagues without access to the printed versions are particularly welcome!

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Some other work available on-line

2009 A Comment on Hybrid Fields and Academic Gate-Keeping. Public Archaeology 8, 310-316.

2008 Indy is back! New Scientist, issue 2656, 14 May 2008, page 20.

2008 The Life-history Approach to Monuments: An Obituary? In: J. Goldhahn (ed) Gropar & monument. En vänbok till Dag Widholm, pp. 411-427. Kalmar Studies in Archaeology, 4. Kalmar.

2007 Learning from Las Vegas: Archaeology in the Experience Economy. The SAA Archaeological Record 7(3), 6-10+25.

2006 One World Archaeology Today.

 Archaeologies 2 (2), 87-93.

2006 Archäologie für alle! Review of E. v. Däniken Ed. (2006) Jäger verlorenen Wissens. Auf den Spuren einer verbotenen Archäologie. Sachbuchforschung. (

2006 (with Anders Högberg) "Talking people. From community to popular archaeologies." In: Riksantikvarieämbetet (ed.) Arkeologi - splittring eller mångfald?, pp. 20-34. Stockholm: Riksantikvarieämbetet. (

2005 Arkeologi -- ämnet som blev kul. Populär Arkeologi 23(2), 18. (

2005 Vetenskapens nytta. Universitetsläraren 6/2005, 18 April 2005, 15-7. (

2005 Ägypten im Zoo. Archäologie Online. 18 March 2005. (

2005 Fortfarande för finkulturellt att besöka museer. Svenska Dagbladet, 11 March 2005. (

2004 "Doing archaeology in popular culture." In: The Interplay of Past and Present. Edited by H. Bolin, pp. 40-48. Huddinge: Södertörns högskola. (

2004 Review of J. Wallace (2004) Digging the Dirt. The Archaeological Imagination. H-Soz-u-Kult (

2004 The Politics of Representation (A comment on Ernst von Glasersfeld). Karl-Jaspers Forum. (

2004 Archäologie als Spurensicherung: Vehikel der Selbsterkenntnis. Forum Archaeologiae 30/III/2004 (

2003 Fra/gmen/te/d me/gali/th/s. 3rd Stone 47, 26-31. (

2003 (with David Van Reybrouck) Towards an Archaeology of Zoos. International Zoo News 50, 207-215.

2001 Fieldtrip theory: towards archaeological ways of seeing. In: Interrogating Pedagogies. Archaeology in Higher Education. Edited by P. Rainbird and Y. Hamilakis, pp. 81-87. British Archaeologial Reports, International Series 948. Oxford: Archaeopress.

2001 Archaeological incavation Berlin-Schliemannstrasse. Final Report (September 2001).

1997 Knowing Without Metaphysics and Pretensiousness. A Radical Constructivist Proposal. Radical Constructivism Online Papers Archive. (avoiding PDF:

1996 Why fascists don't like postprocessualism. Assemblage 1. ( Unfortunately there are problems with my special characters in the current online version!

1995 'Object-orientated' and 'problem-orientated' approaches of archaeological research -- reconsidered. Hephaistos 13, 7-18.

1995 Vergangenheit, die nicht vergeht: Das vorgeschichtliche Hünengrab von Waabs(-Karlsminde), Kreis Rendsburg-Eckernförde, und seine heutigen Bedeutungen. Archäologische Nachrichten aus Schleswig-Holstein 6, 135-149.