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In my work I try to blend the content and the form into a united harmony, in order to convey my ideas on defining humanitarian existence.

The origins of a wish to explore human nature were born out of a feeling of crisis caused by a general loss of identity, analogous to loss of religious belief. There is a necessity to reinforce a vision of women as human beings and to emphasis her particular characteristics and her role in society. Also the relationship of people with their natural surroundings and their natural origins interest me.

The inspiration of subject is often taken from myths that dominate history, and illustrate different aspects of humanity. There are times when certain religious figures inspire ideas, which I feel mirrors the desires of society and human-beings, and at times it is only nature that inspires.

There is a duality in my works: that represents issues with regard to the present, while being enshrouded by a non realistic visual space.

In civilizations throughout history one can find incontrovertible humanitarian essentials. The lack of chronological order in how I represent my visual work is an effort to convey this human essence. The visual language of the images, with their particular abstraction of forms, is an attempt to specify these generalized concepts. The elements put together in the works are often assembled after exploring many different cultural sources and forms of expression. The variety of origins lends a poetic language to the imagery, with which I try to reinforce and vitalize the work.

We live during a great scientific revolution, also in a period of growing global economy, but with this wealth and all these hopes I see people are no nearer to specific identity. My art is an effort not to lose human values, an attempt to unify several different angles of humanity.


  Cristina Longo. Poetic text in english for the solo exhibition at Gallery Gora, Montreal CA, 2004
  Cristina Longo. Swedish text for the solo exhibition at Futura Gallery, Stockholm Sweden, 2003

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