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Akademiska sjukhuset, Uppsala
Rosénsalen, Ing. 95/96 NBV
Departure time 12:00 CET. Estimated Time of Arrival 12:45
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Finns det någon läkare ombord?
- Vad du förväntas göra på ett flygplan vid ett akutfall
- Förevisning av den medicinska utrustningen ombord och legala frågor

Seminar by SAS Cabin Safety Manager, hosted by SYLF Uppsala

Additional information There is an AED (hjärtstartare) on board every SAS airplane. When you are Doctor On Board, please provide the cabin crew your contact information and SAS Service Center will contact you afterwards. Questions regarding the seminar? Please contact me at info(snabelA) Thank you for attending!

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fear of liability should not prompt reluctance to offer assistance
  1. Properly identify yourself and state your medical qualifications. Some airlines require proof of your medical qualifications.
  2. Obtain as complete a history as possible, inform the passenger and family members (if present) of your impression, and obtain consent before initiating any form of examination or treatment. Assume implied consent in the case of an incapacitated passenger.
  3. If consent has been given, carry out an appropriate physical examination.
  4. Request an interpreter if the passenger you are assisting does not speak your language.
  5. Inform the flight crew of your clinical impression.
  6. If the passenger's condition is serious, request that the aircraft be diverted to the nearest appropriate airport. Onground medical support staff, if available, will help determine the best location for diversion.
  7. Establish communication with on-ground medical support staff, if available. Respect the ground-based physician's expertise and experience in managing in-flight medical events.
  8. Document in writing your findings, impression, treatment, and communication with the flight crew and on-ground medical support.
  9. Do not use any treatment that you do not feel confident administering.

Keep in mind that good Samaritan statutes protect you only from liability for actions that other competent persons with similar training would take under similar circumstances. Newson-Smith MS. Passenger doctors in civil airliners - obligations, duties and standards of care. Aviat Space Environ Med 1997;68:1134-8.