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These tutorials are my own creations using Paint Shop Pro X2. They may not be copied or uploaded to any other web site without my permission. You may use your creation for personal use but the finished result may not be sold or used for profit. If you wish to share my tutorials, please do so by sharing the text link only.

By clicking on the download link under each tag, you will be directed to download this tutorial which will include the materials as well as the written tutorial in eml format. I hope you enjoy doing them as much as I did in creating them. My grateful thanks to PamelaD for testing each tutorial and MargaretaG for her assistance with setting up this web site.

If you have problems with the unzipping of the downloaded tutorial you can see how to do it HERE

It's not all Black and White

It's not all Black and White - Download

Geisha - Download
Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not - Download
Butterfly Magic

Butterfly Magic - Download
Fashion Extravaganza

Fashion Extravaganza - Download
A Touch of Orange

A Touch of Orange - Download
Blue Hues

Blue Hues - Download
Misted Moments

Misted Moments - Download
Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal Art - Download
A Loving Tribute

A Loving Tribute - Download
African Sunset

African Sunset - Download
Bluebird of Happiness

Bluebird of Happiness - Download
Dare to be Different

Dare to be Different - Download
Feathered Friends

Feathered Friends - Download
Lavender and Lace

Lavender and Lace - Download
Multi Blue

Multi Blue - Download
Simply Pink

Simply Pink - Download
The Old Girl (Animated)

The Old Girl (Animated) - Download

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