Born in Gothenburg Sweden . Im active as painter, illustrator and musican.
I have been exhibiting in gallerys, arthalls & museums since 1970. Also working
as book & record illustrator. In 1996 I started working with computer art, this
meant a great challange and also a lot of inspiration .I started out in Bryce
whitch is still it`s one of my absolute favorite programs. During the spring of
2001 I attended a course in Maya animation - The most comprehensive
Program of them all, So I was completly lost in this factory of a program
that does`t seems to have any limits.This will result in 3-D and animation
and new adventures into other dimensions. During summer 2003 I did a series
of numbered and signed giclee prints for exhibitions.
My digital gallery is beeing updated all the time. The paintings are samples
from different periods ranging from the 70´s till today.

So I hope you will enjoy my world of images