Fall Ov Serafim
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A new dawn rises…

Fall ov serafim was created by former members of the black metal band Misteltein. As Misteltein was having some internal problems and at the same time changed the line-up, all of a sudden the two members Hel and Nagrinn decided to leave the band in 2004.

The rest of the remaining members decided to continue going on with finding replacements and starting to write new material for the coming album.
The lead guitar part was filled by k. and Hel was replaced with Farnargh. After the replacements was found and the new songs eventually began to take shape, the band entered the Mystical arts studio to record the album entitled Nex Iehovae. A deal with regain records was signed and the album was finished and ready to be released.

This is where the band suddenly discovered that the two former members had registered the name Misteltein for themselves thus claiming that band name for their own…
However the band was determined, not to be stopped by any means and therefore reformed under the name Fall ov serafim, with the same intentions as before. To spread an anti-christian/anti-religious message through the music and to create that without following any rules or standards.

Being an anti-christian band, the name Fall ov serafim was chosen to represtent the fall of christianity. This theme is apparent also in the music as well as the lyrics. The music on Nex Iehovae can be described as symphonic black metal with influences both from death metal and thrash and the lyrical concept of the album is basically hatred directed towards religions.

The album Nex Iehovae is now finally released on Regain records.