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Some of the cars that has passed before me during the years.

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Can you have fun in an Eagle?

Yes you can!!!


1968 AMX, 390, 4 Speed

Unfortunatly not mine any more :-(

Wheels are "Superlites" Australian Minilite copies. 8x15, with 4" backspacing

Two Eagles that I got from Hamburg, Germany

Sold the Black one, but still have the White one.

1979 Spirit AMX-V8, 4Speed

Drivers door was painfully modified by me...

Gremlin X now living in Finland

1970 Gremlin, rescued from a junkyard

Came original with 232 six, but converted to 290 V8

Belongs to a friend of mine, same guy that bought the AMX

Nice Rambler that belongs to same Guy.

1973 V8 car that I just started work on.Will probaly recive a 360 very soon

Car has not been run since 1987. Started an ran perfect with very little fuss!

That's AMC Quality!

Mysterious box...

Contents: 1970 AMC 360 short block. Next to New...

Interesting Intake on this Finish AMC Hornet!

Me & some friends at the Legends Nat's 1998, in Charlotte, NC. (I'm 3rd from Left)

Lola T-380 1975, Finished 3rd at the Le Mans 24 hrs in 1976. Belonged to a friend of mine that saddly passed away some time ago.

Till Salu

Pris: 15000 som den står

Eller 28000, färdig med Svensk identitet

Fullt körbar, bra oljetryck, växlar som den ska

Hel inredning, dock lite skitig...