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Welcome to the Website of Kriss Malachowski.


the purpose of this website

I am collecting genealogical information about my ancestors, primarily Jaxa Malachowski (74) and Scibor Marchocki (59) whom I am closely related to. Other surnames that appear most frequently in my database are: Ingistof (53) and Mrozowicki (36). Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of names on 6th December 2011.

As far as I know this is the only place where data about my family is systematically collected and published. I know that some of my family members are in the possession of more information which has been collected over multiple generations, but unfortunately this information is not widely available.


‘In the beginning was the Word’ … In my case it was one handwritten document: ‘The Pedigree of the Sword of Jerzy Karol Jaxa-Malachowski’- my father. Soon after, I found my cousin Marylka Scibor Marchocki, who has sent me a great number of pictures and information about my family. Enduring searches on the Internet have also brought results: among other things I have found pages published by the late Romuald Ireneusz Scibor- Marchocki (these pages are no longer available).

An important source of information has been Сергей Аргатюк, a historian from Odessa, Jerzy Mrozowicki and Kajetan Malachowski.

of special interest - my most famous relative

  • Marjanna Scibor Marchocki 1603-1652 (Servant of God, Nun of Barefoot Carmelites and a Mystic)
  • Ignacy Jerzy Scibor Marchocki 1755-1827 (A man of great stature, an eccentric but noble-minded reformer)
  • Soter Jaxa Malachowski 1867-1952 (Painter)
  • Ricardo Jaxa Malachowski 1887-1972 (Architect living in Lima, Peru)
  • Aleksander Jaxa Malachowski 1924-2004 (Politician, writer)



all solutions are my own (the database for data collection and the program for its presentation on the network). This is my first attempt at this kind of programming and I will be very grateful for any suggestions.

about the writer

my name is Kriss Jan Jaxa-Malachowski. I have been living in Sweden, Visby, since 1986. I am a physicist by profession.