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During the first four decades of the twentieth century those who worked within the area of public society, cultivated the study of history, philosophy and religion seeking to better understand the social and cultural issues of society.

In the sixties and seventies there was also a wide interest in a radical reconsideration and analysis of previously accepted societal ideologies. Some of the leaders of this movement in Sweden included Skå Gustav Jonsson, Ingemar Hedenius, Eugene Tigerstedt, Joakim Israel , Kurt Aspelin, Armas Lappalainen, Sven-Eric Liedman, Sven Lindqvist, Sara Lidman, Eva Moberg, Bengt Börjesson, and many others.

World outlook in previous decades stands in contrast to the contemporary focus mainly on economic, military and scientific theories.

The goals of the Humanist Network are to provide links to education, training and special events in the areas of culture, philosophy, religion, anthropology, human rights and humanitarian causes, as well as the world peace movements. The Humanist Group started with a conference in October of 2001 which included the cooperation of Allmänna Barnhuset and Socialtjänstförvaltningen, at Sätra Bruk (“Mänskliga värderingar I Socialt Arbete”). Those members present at the conference agreed to continue the work by setting up an internet website to provide a range of information to the general public. The Humanities Network has hosted two conferences, one dealing with the consequences of financial cuts in social work and another, under the leadership of Eve Moberg, on the status of children in society.

The contents of the Humanities Network internet site make it possible for visitors to access a selection of different sites with articles, programs etcetera / a mosaic of viewpoints and new ideas. We invite people to explore the site and we welcome your input.

For a public discussion of social issues, the Humanist Group recommends the independent mailinglist and web site Mediekritik. As of january, 2006 the site which focuses on media and power has some 161 participants. You can subscribe by sending a blank email to

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Gunnar Thorell

“The people's voice is the voice of God”

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