Akaza !

Mourides and Bayefall are the disciples of Serigne Ahmadou Bamba and his talibe Cheikh Ibrahima Fall. They form the base of mouridism, and their volountary work for their Serignes, in the name of the spiritual unity and the name of al Khadimou Rassoul, is the foundation of the movement as it exists today in the city of Touba in Senegal, and elsewhere in the world.

  • Photo of Mam Cheikh Bamba
  • Photo of Mam Cheikh Ibrah "Lamp" Fall

  • The relation between the disciple and his or her spiritual guide in Mouridism, resembles the one described in writings about sufism. In fact, Mouridism originates from the teachings of Quadiriya sufi brotherhoods, influential in the building of Islam in Senegambia. And for many many people the Dara, that gathers around a specific Serigne, serves as a family. The Dara becomes a place for protection, love and friendship, a place where you are always welcomed by fellow talibˇs and your spiritual guide, the Serigne. To read more, follow the links.

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