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What is this?

The Mx44 is a polyphonic multichannel midi realtime software synthesizer. It is written in C and hand optimized for the (Intel) MMX instruction set. It runs under Linux, using the JACK daemon and a kernel modified for realtime performance. The sourcecode is licensed under GPL.

The core algorithm is a  4 x 4 crossmodulating matrix (phase and amplitude) with individual envelopes for each oscillator. Oscillators have individual frequency intonation, can emphasize any of the eight first harmonics and even do some internal crossmodulation. Envelopes can be switched between VCA and a VCF-like mode. The sustainloop of the envelope can be brought into oscillation in the audible spectre as well as provide slow LFO sweeps. Also, key and velocity modifications of phase relationship.

New in Mx44.2: Copy/paste of individual oscillators. Choice of temperament (Natural, Mean, Well- and Even tempered.) Optional auto-connect to jackd, optional patch location

'Make install' added, OSS deleted as well as numerous bugs, thanks to James Morris who contributed heavily to this release.

[2008-12-27], now also includes and loads its own theme based on the 'Ia Ora' theme-engine.
Implemented GS controllers
R #  Ctrl

  73 Attack  (modifies the time value of all env stage 1 and 2)
  75 Decay   (modifies the time value of all env stage 3 and 4)
  79 Loop    (modifies the time value of all env stage 5 and 6)
  72 Release (you get the drill ...)
  05 Portamento (routed to intonation, being the closest match)
  94 Celeste (modifies amount of frequency offset)
* 07 Channel Volume (yep!)
  10 Pan            (rotates the sound-image)
* 01 Modulation (modulation send amount from op with "Wheel" btn ON)
* 11 Expression (pedal controlled oscillator mix)		 
* 70 Timbre     (modulation send amount from op with "Wheel" btn OFF)
* 71 Variation  (balance between modulation from op 1+3/op 2+4)
* 74 Cutoff Freq (resonance ctrl for oscillators connected to envelope)

Controllers marked with asterix operates in true RT mode (ie: on a sustained note.) The rest takes their values at the time of note-on

updated: 2009-12-27, Jens M Andreasen

s/y Luna (Triss Magnum 441)
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