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.the irc protocol
Welcome to the online resource for the IRC protocol for Miranda IM. This plugin currently supports the following major features:
  • Supports IRC RFC-2812 and various other standards
  • Participate in channels and send messages, notices and so on...
  • Uses the highly extensive Miranda IM plugin framework
  • Support for secure connections (requires OpenSSL)
  • Proxy support
  • DCC Chat and resumable filetransfers
  • CTCP
  • Scripting engine using PHP (requires the Miranda Scripting Engine)
  • Highly customizable in the Miranda IM tradition
  • Contact list with advanced buddy tracking
  • Ignore system
  • Multiserver (see and .faq)
  • Perform buffer
  • Highlighting
  • Popups (requires the Popup plugin)
  • Aliases
  • mIRC like commands
  • more ...

This software is released under the OpenSource GPL. Consider donating a small amount to show your support.