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Den bästa skiva jag funnit är L-E Uneståhls "Avspänning - Träningsprogram för kropp och själ". Den är inte den nyaste, men fortfarande den bästa. Den går att köpa på alla de stora internetsiterna som t.ex:
adlibris.se, ginza.se, cdon.com plus många fler.

I came in contact with mind training through a school in Sweden started by our most skilled and famous teacher, Lars-Eric Uneståhl. He is well known internationally. If you are interested in his CV you find it on this address:
Skandinaviska Ledarhögskolan under Lars-Eric Uneståhl and then Curriculum vitae.

He started during the 70s, working with many of the Swedish national teams in different sports. Detecting that this worked for them, he understood that it could be very useful to others too. So now there are a lot of courses, books and CDs available. What I actually do is I go to my "inner room" where the brain works at alpha level i.e. a level where the brain lets go of reality testing so you can programme a new perception into it. This way you can influence many things. Here are some: Better physical and mental health, better self-esteem and self-confidence, a positive attitude to life.

Starting with your mind training I think it is best to have a CD where there is someone guiding you to create that inner room. Lars-Eric does that with soft music in the background, talking you into it. First you start for a week or two training to relax your body - all of your muscles. Then you start creating the room from where you can make things happen.

When you have become good at this you can do it yourself without the guiding voice. I like to have soft music in the background when I do it. I have a favourite exercise that I heard on a CD from another Swedish expert. It is called "The Waterlily Pond", but because I didn't like his voice I learned it by heart and used only music as background. Since then waterlilies have been symbols of this training to me.

Unfortunately there are so many bad recordings of the programmes and the music and I am no expert on what there is in the English language. You ought not to buy anything without listening to it beforehand, because to succeed it is important that you like the voice and the music. One book that I can recommend if you want to learn more is: Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.

I explored the net a little and found a site that you could look at. If you read the opening page you can have an idea about what it's all about. It has a free course to download if you think it seems worth while trying. Anyway you can read about one way of working with mind training that is similar to what I do. Here is the address: Silva Intuition System
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