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A great big THANK YOU to my testers, Kay and Elizabeth, for their invaluable help making the tutorials alright for you to follow!
I'm very proud to host one of Elizabeth's beautiful tutorials here. It is called African Sunset:

african sunset

Go to the tutorial by clicking the image. If you want to see more of her work, go to this page: Elizabeth's tutorials
swedish tuts blinkie
Heartspin thumbnail

Mitt Hjärta Slår Volt
Hjärtekram thumbnail

Alhambra thumbnail

English tuts blinkie
Autumn Scrap thumbnail

Autumn Scrap
Green Orient thumbnail

Green Orient

Scent of Lilacs thumbnail

A Scent of Lilacs
Rich Flavour thumbnail

Rich Flavour
Autumn Mistress

Autumn's Mistress
Angel's Watch thumbnail

Angel's Watch
Lady With Fur thumbnail

Lady With Fur
Dear Jesus

Dear Mr Jesus

Rose Fashion

Secret Love

Sour Grapes
Blue Night

Blue Night
Purple Rose

Purple Rose
Yellow Tune

Yellow Tune

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