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For this tutorial you will need the material from HERE
You will also need the plugin Alien Skin Xenofex2.
Thank you to the tuber, PamelaD at Arasimages for sharing the tubes and thanks to Essex-girl for her mask.

When you're tired of listening to the music you can turn it off if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

You can use this snowflake to mark your place along the way.

Put the mask in the My Psp Files/Masks folder.

1. Open a new transparent image: Width=600 Height=450. Floodfill with white.

2. Selections/Select all. Selections/Modify/Contract by 3 px.

3. New raster layer. Floodfill with Corel gradient Landscape. Angle=45, Repeats=1 and Invert checked.

4. Adjust/Blur/Gaussian blur. Radius=10.

5. New raster layer. Floodfill with white.

6. Layers/Load mask from disk, sg_icy_blast_frame.

mask settings

7. Layers/Merge group.

8. New raster layer.

9. Open the tube IcyReflections. Copy and paste into selection.

10. Selections/Select none.

11. In layers palette, move this layer down under the mask layer.

12. Open the tube SnowQueen. Copy and paste as new layer.

13. Move her to the right. Effects/3D effects/Dropshadow. Vertical=-5, Horizontal=10, Opacity=40, Blur=20,Colour=#020014. Repeat Dropshadow with Horizontal=-5.

14. Open the tube WhiteCrystals the second layer from bottom. Copy and paste as new layer.

15. Move it down and to the left.

16. Layers/Duplicate. Image/Resize by 40%. All Layers NOT checked.

17. Image/Mirror and then Flip. Adjust/Sharpness/Unsharp Mask:

unsharp mask settings

18. Move it up and to the right. Both of the crystal layers will go a little bit over the border.

19. Effects/3D Effects/Dropshadow. Vertical=3, Horizontal=2, Opacity=60, Blur=15, Colour=#00033e.

20. Go down one layer in Layers palette and repeat the dropshadow with the same settings as before.

21. Go back up one layer. Layers/Merge Down.

22. Go down to bottom layer. Selections/Select all. Selections/Modify. Contract=3px. Selections/Invert.

23. Go back up to Raster 5 (Crystal layer). Press delete once.

24. Selections/Select None.

25. Choose a font you like...I've chosen JNK Snow. Size=72 pixels. Set your background colour to white. I've written one word at a time to be able to place them where I want them.

font settings

26. Convert to Raster Layer. Effects/Dropshadow. Vertical= 1, Horizontal=1, Opacity= 100, Blur=0, Colour=#3d336f. Put the dropshadow on both text layers.

27. To make the text stand out a little better I gave it an Inner Bevel:

bevel settings

28. Go to the top layer (icy mask) and put a dropshadow on it. Effects/3D Effects/Dropshadow. Vertical and Horizontal=1, Opacity=100, Blur=0, Colour=#3d336f.

You can stop, sign and save as a jpg here if you don't want to animate the image.


29. Effects/Alienskin Xenofex/Constellation with settings: Star Size=2, Size Variation=50, Edge Star Density=15, Overall Star Density=3, Overdrive=75, Twinkle Amount=70. Keep original image checked.

constellation settings

30. Edit/Copy Special/Copy Merged.

31. Go to Animation Shop. Paste as New Animation.

32. Back to PSP. Click the Undo button once.

33. Repeat the Constellation effect clicking Random Seed once before you click OK.

34. Edit/Copy Special/Copy Merged.

35. Go to Animation Shop. Paste After Current Frame.

36. Go back to PSP and repeat steps 31 - 34.

37. When you're satisfied...Save your image and you're done.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoyed it!

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