Motorway projects in:


Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic

France and the Benelux (i.e. Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg)

Great Britain and Ireland

Spain and Portugal

Italy, Switzerland and Austria

Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia

Bulgaria, Greece and Romania

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Euroroad is about the roads, or more precisely the motorways, being built in Europe right now. Completing the network of fast roads that have been built the last couple of decades is a major accomplishment. This infrastructure is most important for trade between different parts of the countries. It also makes it easier for people to travel around the continent in a way unthinkable just a few decades ago.

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Find out more about the construction of motorways in Europe.

Roads being built in Europe

This is where you will find information on on-going motorway projects and motorway construction in Europe. The projects are divided into geographical areas, under which you will find each and every major motorway being built or planned (or at least, so I hope). A few minor projects are, I admit, left out.

The motorway projects are being presented as a list stating which cities they run to and from (as well as major cities that they are passing through). Most of the road projects on the list will also have internet sites, and the links to these are included when known.

These are the countries that are included: The EU-15, Norway, Poland, The Czech Republic Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Switzerland
. I am planning to extend the site so that it contains all European countries.

NEW! Croatia just added to this site. Read all about it...

The following persons have contributed with information to this web site. Thanks!
They are:
Mihai Grecu, Romania
Per Wilhelmsson, Sweden
Erik Hägerdal, Sweden
Margo Briessinck, Belgium
Cyril Chauplannaz, France
Pierre-Yves Gromellon, France
Jonathan Dowling, Ireland
Jan Horeni, The Czech Republic
Niels Olesen, Denmark
Marianne Yde Rasmussen

If you know anything about the construction mentioned (or not mentioned) on this site, please send a message.

A few general and generally interesting links. Country-specific links can be found on the page of the country.

The European Union's Trans-European Networks

Brückenweb, German site on bridges (not just German ones...).

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