Background and the idea of Nicelight

The knowledge of making ice lanterns during winter, by putting out waterfilled buckets or cake forms in the cold, has been known for a long time. But the interest in ice in various forms has grown stronger over the passed 5-6 years. For an example, you can see the big Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, as a result of that. Many cities in Sweden are having exhibitions and contests in ice sculpturing etc. Big blocks of ice are being sent from Tornedalen in the north of Sweden down to Stockholm, in the souther regions, where people get the opportunity to see the ice sculptures, and in some cases even produce something out of the ice themselves. And the interest is strong, in Gamla Stan in Stockholm there is nowadays a permanent exhibition of the art of ice design, that you can visit all year around.

I guess all of us that have been brought up in countries that have cold winters can remember the winters of our childhood when we were making snow lanterns. This compared to the mild winters of today, that have made it more difficult for the children to do something fun with the snow and ice. Nicelight is thereby the perfect product in every home, since you are no longer depending on a cold winter, or even a cold climate!

Why a Nicelight?

Good for the environment - Used, as an ice lantern outdoors, with a normal sized candle in, there will be nothing left to harm the environment. The little string that might not have been burnt up, will be taken cared of by mice and birds or other little animals. Compared to the usage of a pitch torch and many grave candles, this is very good for the environment.

Various usage forms  - Ice lantern, wine cooler, flower vase. You decide!

Every ice lantern will be unique - Different crystal formations within the ice each time, meanwhile the 8-sided mould will help to create prisma effects within the ice.

The abilities to decorate the ice makes it even more various and usuable at different occations all year around. Both as an ice lantern and wine cooler, as it lasts for four hours indoors. It is usable all year around. Follow the shiftings of the year. Decorate in different themes, for example graduation party, birthday party, Halloween party, or make the colour of the ice your favorite sports team! And so on?

A Nicelight is always appreciated as a gift, when you are invited to a party, surprise your friends with a decorated Nicelight and a bottle of wine!

Safe - Very safe from a fire safety point of view, since the candle is surrounded by ice and water.

Economical  - By using a normal candle the cost will be of the cost of the usage of a pitch torch. So in the end you'll get more out of using a Nicelight.

Always have a Nicelight ready and prepared in your freezer!

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