See how easy it is!

Visit NiceLight's YouTube channel to watch an instruction video.

1. Place the objects that you wish to decorate with, upside-down in the mould.
2. If the object is small, take a 10 cm long tape, stick it onto the object.
3. Lower the object down to where you want it to be placed, stick the tape onto the inner side of the mould.
4.Fill the mould with cold water up to maximum 1 cm from the top.
5. Place the mould in a cold place; outdoors or in your freezer (7-9 hours). Put a piece of paper on top of the mould. It will make it easier to make the ice come out of the mould. It might take a little while longer until the water freezes but it could be worth it.
6. When the water has frozen to ice, let it rest in room temperature for about 10-20 minutes. Then turn the mould upside-down, gently rinse tepid water on the mould, while rotating. Do the same thing on the inner side of the mould. Shake the ice out a bit to even it with a knife, so that it will stand straight when you put it down. If you wish to place the Nicelight outdoors, this will not be necessary.
7. Indoor usage: Place the candle as in this example, on an egg cup, or on glas that has been turned upside-down, or something else that will keep the candle away from the melted water that will gather on the bottom.

8. Light the candle and place your Nicelight in a bowl or on a basin that fills 1,5 liters of water!

Advice for even nicer Nicelights

Advice for how to get really crystal clear ice: If the weather allows, try to freeze your Nicelight outdoors, you will get a much clearer ice. It takes a bit longer until it freezes but you will end up having a totally different kind of ice!

If you don't intend to use the ice lantern right away, but wish to save it for a later occasion, then put your ice lantern in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer again. The plastic bag will help your ice lantern not to freeze into your freezer. Then you also have the mould free to make more ice lanterns!

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