Club symbols
Old badge with new color QPR Pennant QPR Pennant Proposed QPR Crest
QPR QPR anniversary Jude the cat Spark
QPR - Wasp Programme logo QPR London QPR Call-In
Suporters organistaions
Official Supporters Club Official Supporters Club old QPR 1st QPR dot org
QPR 1:St Rangers till I Die We are the Rangers boys Rangers till I Die
QPR LSA QPR LSA Russia Scottish QPR Swedish Hoops
US QPR fans NZ QPR fans Old Swedish Hoops Old Swedish Hoops
QPR LSA Russia Scandinaivan QPR Supporter Club QPR Yorkshire Proposed Swedish Hoops
LSA Badges
Independent R's Badges
Related clubs
Queens Park Harriers RC Shepherds Bush CC Queens Park Rangers (Grenada) Orange Naranjas CF
London Calling Boys from the Bush QPR on shirt QPR
Old cartoon Ranger Old cartoon Ranger QPR historic card QPR historic card
QPR The Rangers QPR Super Stars Self Destructed Music QPR Supporter
QPR flag badge QPR winged badge QPR Kings of the League QPR
QPR Keep the Faith QPR Fulham Style QPR Stone Island QPR Rule OK
QPR Report Promotion 2003/2004 QPR crst Up QPR
Footie Footie Cartoon Ranger Shrield
QPR Rune Stone QPR London Dragon    
Queens Park estate and area
Queens Park primary school Queens Park Primary Sschool Latymer School (Shepeherds Bush) Queens Park Community?
Artizan buuilder of Queens Park Estate logo Artizan buuilder of Queens Park Estate logo St Judes School (Ireland)  
Borough crests in QPR-land
Paddington Hammersmith Willesden Ealing
Ealing (new borough) Hendon Hays and Harlington Brent
Wembley Acton Uxbridge Central Railway (London tube)