Teams Location Leauge Founded Colors QPR-connection
Queens Park Rangers SC Grenada Premier Leauge     Name
West London Rangers Chiswick Chiswick Sunday   Blue white hoops Name and colors
Acton Ealing Whistlers West London Youth 1980 Green white stripes Kevin Gallens first club
Sheen Park Rangers Richmond Chiswick Sunday   Blue white hoops Name and colors
Holland Park Rangers West London Youth     QPR LSA Cup
Accrington Stanley Bowles London Friendly     QPR-fans
Brooke House FC London        
South Ruslip FC London        
South Kilburn NDC Queens Park Youth 2005   Community-Scheme
Milwaukee Wave Milwaukee(USA) Indoor / Youth     Partnership ?
Swedishhoops Sweden Friendly   Blue white yellow hoops Swedish QPR-fans
QPR II West London   Future? Blue white Hoops Possible future QPR
St Judes Dublin Gaelic football     Name
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