A Modular Software Synthesizer

Interested in software synthesizers ? Try out MSS, it is an advanced synthesizer that comes with GPL'ed source code. Browse the MSS documentation, and download either the source distribution or the binary distribution (compiled for Linux Pentium II on a Redhat Linux 7.0). If you have comments or questions on MSS, then contact Mats.Olsson@chello.se

Change Log

MSS version Date Changes
MSS v0.74 2002-04-20 First release
MSS v0.75 2002-04-27 + Space for huge wave table allocated on the heap instead of on the stack in waveTableGen 
+ Midi input revised. Input from /dev/ttySxx should now work (tested with Technics KN501 keyboard),  possibly also input from /dev/midi (not tested) 
+ The DSP device is reset when all notes are off (this helped getting rid of an annoying clicking noise in the right channel on my system) 
+ More info output by default 
+ Added option -mididebug 
+ Documentation update
MSS v0.75.1 2002-05-02 Bug fix (setting of midiDevice via synthconfig file)
MSS v0.75.2 2002-05-10 + Midi input handling has been redesigned to more accurately follow the Midi protocol spec 
+ Bug fix in the GUI (contents of the control window should now resize with the window)
MSS v0.76 2002-05-25 + Envelope generator cleanup, Log-Lin-Exp envelopes implemented plus performance enhancements
+ Velocity sense implemented for envelope generators, i.e the sensitivity to pressed key velocity is controlled per Adsr instance
+ Envelope time is now absolute (unit is seconds) instead of the previously used control interval unit. Previously saved MSS configurations will sound quite different because of this change in envelope time unit
+ pitch wheel input via Midi implemented
MSS v0.76.1 2002-06-02 + setuid privileges now dropped before calling gtk_init (required by GTK+-1.2.9 and later)
MSS v0.76.2 2002-06-22 + some optimizations implemented

MSS documentation
MSS v0.76.2  source distribution
MSS v0.76.2  binary distribution for Pentium II, Redhat 7.0