Holistic evolution!

How to create a better world, by changing our attitudes!

This section isn't as extensive as the one in swedish, because I'm far from finished with the translation!

If you are driven by a sincere wish to create a peaceful world and if you are unconditionally asking yourself, WHY the world is so destructive, you might find a few, quite unconventional arguments on this site. 

I'm not saying I've got all the answers, but I think I might provide you with one or two thought-provoking ideas. 

My thoughts and conclusions should not be seen as anything else than my personal and utterly subjective vision, which I will never defend, or try to convince you. It's entirely up to you, if you want to take them to your heart or reject them.

Are we ready to create peace on Earth?

What if…

What if stock exchanges all over the world were to crash? Automatically bringing many nations down, since most nations have been gambling with taxpayers money on the stock market for the last decade. 
This would lead to global chaos and anarchy, which political leaders think only a mega war could prevent.

What if, this would happen tomorrow? Would we once again be sitting idle like we have throughout our entire history, waiting for someone to take charge and waiting for someone to come to our “rescue” with a bag full of money? So that we can rebuild our societies identical to the old ones and once again be using the same old mind setting and relying on the same old attitudes and the same old fear-induced, hierarchic and greed promoting power structures, which caused the problems in the first place and has effectively kept us from ever coming any closer to a peaceful world!

Or would we for the first time ever, together try to learn from our mistakes, by choosing a new way of cooperative and unconditional interaction, where we chose to help each other instead of competing and destroying each other?



Do YOU believe it's possible to create a paradise on Earth, only by becoming a little bit more helpful, a little bit more loving and without having to give up any of the attributes of competitiveness???
Or would you agree we need to turn around 180 degrees!!!

Dare to think new thoughts,
dare to think differently  
dare to step out of your boundaries  

we urgently need to change our ways!

All that we have done throughout the history of humankind,
and still do towards each other,
in the interaction between nations as well as individuals,
is based on the same old destructiveness
that power struggle and competition promotes all over this world.
Wouldn’t you also agree that this interaction in fact should be called

In this perspective it is quite obvious,
that we won’t be able to solve any of the global injustices
that we have been facing since the beginning of humankind
as long as our basic attitudes and belief systems remain unchanged.

Only if and when we decide to leave our competitiveness behind
and at the same time decide to
interact in an unconditional manner,
will it be possible to create a peaceful world.

This paramount difference in conduct bares the same hallmark,
as the difference between love and fear,
because 'love' has nothing to do with love unless it is given unconditionally!!


This is what I have translated thus far!


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