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What: The gax trans scania is a trail race of 246 km (153 miles) with a cut off time of 60 hours.
When: 6-8 August 2010, start 08:00.
Where: Start and finish at Södervärnstornet in central Malmö, southern Sweden.
Who: You must have participated in races of at least 24 hours, 100 miles, a multi day or a ultra triathlon prior to start to participate.
Fee: 27 EUR (or 38 USD). 10 % of race proceedings will be presented to SCA - The Swedish Comittee for Afghanistan, a non political and unreligious Aid Organization that primarily works with rural healthcare and education. Double fee after July 11.


Medals, diplomas and TEC-starting place.
Register: Pay, fill in and copy the registration form and mail it to me, no refunds. No registration after July 25.
Water: The route passes many shops, cafés and water refill possibilities.

Aid stations:

Support: Whatever you like; a friend on a bike or two caravans. They must however have enough water for any other runner they might run in to. The route will pass shops and cafés.
DNF: All runners are finishers with accomplished kilometres.
Map: Print them out (from below) and bring them to the race.

Gax - TEC:

One who finished the longest distance in gax and TEC has rightfully completed The Gax - TEC Swedish Trail Challenge.

Equipment: Fluid, maps, clothes, food, money, cell phone, pen, reflexes and a flashlight. It is also recommended to bring batteries, first aid , salt, emergency blanket and all the other energy you need.Be equipped for all kinds of weather.
Accomodation: There is a Youth Hostel near the start as well as other accomodation.

Getting here:

Copenhagen Airport (Denmark) is as close as Malmö Airport.

Rules: Cheating or littering is not allowed. To help a fellow runner is mandatory. By participating you have agreed to follow these rules.
Dangers: Beware of stinging nettles, electric fences, roots, cattle grid, rocks and traffic. You might run in to cow, elk, dog, fox, bull, squirrel, snakes, stoat, corn snake, hedgehog, shrew, lama, Highland Cattle and deer.
Misc.: Qualification race for för Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (4 credits) and Spartathlon.
More information: Contact Race Director Stefan Samuelsson should you have any more questions.

The race starts in Malmö and follows the Nord till Sydleden, Syds stage 18, 17, 16, 15, 19 and 20 and continues with Österlenledens stage 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 and 6 and turns back towards Malmö following the same road.

The route is 246 km and very scenic. After running through the city of Malmö to the ocean, Öresund, you'll pass hills and meadows, ponds and embankments. You'll run through fields and woods on your way to the other side of the country - Östersjön. Here you'll turn around and run back to Malmö again. It is not orienteering and ~95 % follows a marked route, Skåneleden; the first kilometres is easy city navigation. The first 100 km is run in daylight and after 126 km you'll turn around and run the same way back - therefore you should not have problems finding your way once tiredness sets in.

A normal runner should find the way without problems, the maps are detailed and correct but some markings can be old or pale. Usually the marks are an orange ring
at eye level around a tree, a lamppost or something else.

(The route can be found on hitta or eniro.
The route follows Skåneledens maps that can be bought at any tourist information, bookshop or Internet - they are produced in both English and Swedish:

xxxxx• Nord till Sydleden, Syd (
Skåneleden hiking map The North-to-South trail, Part 2 South). Scale 1:50 000. Published by Position xxxxxxxSkåne in cooperation with Stiftelsen för fritidsområden i Skåne [covers km 10-73 and km 179-242].
xxxxx• Österlenleden (
Skåneleden hiking map The Österlen trail). Scale 1:50 000. Published by Position Skåne in cooperation with
xxxxxxxStiftelsen för fritidsområden i Skåne [covers km 74-178].

xxxxxMap of malmö - any one will do.)

Stage From To Distance (km) Map Date added
0 Malmö Malmö 0 Map 0 13 June 2010
1 Södervärnstornet Triangeln 1,338 Map 1 13 June 2010
2 Triangeln Stortorget 1,112 Map 2 13 June 2010
3 Stortorget Öresund 0,908 Map 3 13 June 2010
4 Öresund Södervärntornet 3,358 Map 4 13 June 2010
5 Södervärntornet Videdalsvägen 4,458 Map 5 13 June 2010
6 Videdalsvägen
Yttre Ringvägen 2,847 Map 6 13 June 2010
7 Yttre Ringvägen Torup 8,476 Map 7 13 June 2010
8 Torup Eksholmssjön 8,364 Map 8 13 June 2010
9 Eksholmssjön Bilarp 19,522 Map 9 13 June 2010
10 Bilarp Simontorp 10,469 Map 10 13 June 2010
11 Simontorp Snogeholm 12,452 Map 11 13 June 2010
12 Snogeholm Vitabäck 9,642 Map 12 13 June 2010
13 Vitabäck Heinge 18,811 Map 13 13 June 2010
14 Heinge Verkasjön 8,383 Map 14 13 June 2010
15 Verkasjön Vantalängan 6,600 Map 15 13 June 2010
16 Vantalängan Östersjön 9,618 Map 16 13 June 2010
17 Östersjön Södervärnstornet 119,642 Map 17 13 June 2010
- Map symbols Symboler 13 June 2010