if not now, then when?
I have always loved travelling and for some strange reason I have many times ended up in remote undeveloped places and actually enjoyed myself. To drink coffee in bustling Freetown, hide in Albania, watch a sunset in Mazar-e-Sharif, seclude for ten days on Isla de Ometepe or listen to propaganda in Pyongyang - nothing teaches me more or makes me appreciate life as much as when you visit other people and realities. Places like Uruk, Bangui, Queen Maud's Land and Tristan da Cunha all allure the hell out of me.

Whatever you can do or think you can, begin it - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

And ever since I saw a marathon t-shirt in U.K. in 1987 I've wanted to run one. After many years of martial arts I got injured and started to run to heal my right foot. In 1993 I ran my first marathon but already I wanted to run hundreds of kilometres in one go - after another ten years I was fit enough to try. This page contains some of my thoughts and experiences during these races and travels.

All happiness derives from the striving of the happiness of ones neighbour - Santiveda