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  This country is one of the worlds most visitd countries, and it shows. 45 metres down it's a whole different story though.
Hurghada, Egypt, 2000
  Staring at the little things on a, as always, warm night in the very tiny capitol I found this cricket on the washing line.
Nuku'alofa, Tonga, 2007
  On this badly run Crocodile Farm I got the chance to see hundreds of crocodiles piled upon each other. Very sad.
Penang (Georgetown), Malaysia, 1994
  Out of the ¨Big Five¨ I've only seen the Rhino, twice. We even tried to track it at night, luckily we failed. Such a magnificent creature.
Chitwan National Park, Nepal, 1994
  Camels always makes for a funny picture. And I was at a camel market with hundreds and hundreds of them!
Birqash, Egypt, 2000
  The funky Caribbean offered more than reggea, sun and beaches. Rays, sharks and crystal blue water everywhere.
Caye Caulker, Belize, 1999
  The country that has everything from beaches to deserts, adventure to history; culture to coffee, warm weather and hot weather.
Alice Springs, Australia, 1991
  This little Garrincho looked like a rat but was the size of a big dog, very affectionate and peaceful I could feed it potatoes from my hand.
Asunción, Paraguay, 2002