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  Thailand was as warm and friendly as ever but 13 years after my last visit, just a bit too many tourists for my liking.
Chantaburi, Thailand, 2007
  Home away from home. I was actually not allowed to stay on the roof among the others on my first day in Afghanistan.
Kunduz, Afghanistan, 2004
  An old man tells about his family life as I notice a necklace that shows the way to Krishna. Follow these footsteps to enlightment.
Mohisashee, Bangladesh, 2005
  This is pretty much exactly the way I want it, cheap, simple and rough. Cliché or not - I don't travel half the world to seek luxury.
Jordania, Wadi Musa, 2000
  These might actually have been the most exhilirating things in the whole country - murals. Beautiful and everywhere.
Praia, Cape Verde, 2003
  In the With Craft Market of Bamako everything was for sale, monkeys heads and lizzard claws, bird skeletons and coca cola.
Bamako, Mali, 2000
  Here the Doctor could cure every existing malady, from cramps to heart problems, fractures and reading problems.
Abidjan, Ivory Coast, 2000
  Slovakia was safe, friendly and very eastern europeish. It was a place for long beautiful walks and a lot of huddling from the rain.
Levoca, Slovak republic, 2000
  In Bangladesh the weddings lasted for three days, and nights. And there were several of them and of course the strangers were invited.
Mohisashee, Bangladesh, 2005
  Unfortunately, a normal looking toilet in any undeveloped country. Even more unfortunate for me, I've seen far worse.
Calamarca, Bolivia, 2002
  This forgotten communist outpost is one of the best countries I've visited, don't know why really. It is very poor, and very run down.
Albania, Shkodër, 2000
  Land of the brave, home of the free and the best god damn chocolate cookie in the world as well as the lousiest coffee anywhere.
Denver, U.S.A., 2002