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  After driving a crazily crowded bus for five hours the reward was awesome, maybe the best beach anywhere.
Lalomanu, Samoa, 2007
  Heading for the top (6 088 metres) in the beautiful Andes. Hard weather made it an adventure just getting down. Did not reach the top.
Huayna Potosí, Bolivia, 2002
  In a barren landscape these cactuses survived in a harsh surrounding, and provided tourists with distractions.
Parque Nacional Lauca, Chile, 2002
  After two days of trekking we finally reached the top and was welcomed by a spectacular sunrise and the eruption of Volcán Fuego.
Volcán Tajamulco, Guatemala, 1999
  For the second time I got a chance to submerge myself in th holy river Ganges. This time I took it, and got very sick with fever.
Rajshai, Bangladesh, 2005
  This pass at 3 372 metres was the highest driving through the Fan Mountains. It reminded me much of Switzerland, sort of.
Anzob Pass, Tajikistan, 2004
  At 8 856 metres Kanchenjunga is the third tallest mountain, first climbed in 1955. It can be visible from West Bengal - I was lucky.
Darjeeling, India, 1994
  La Dent de Man stands at 881 metres and demanded a two hour climb through dense djungle, visited a great waterfall on the way down.
Man, Côte d'Ivoire, 2000
  The goal of my pilgrimage was achieved: the five lakes of Band-i-Amir are even more beautiful than can ever be described.
Band-i-Amir, Afghanistan, 2004
  The kids had no stuff to play with, and pretty much no clothes to play in but tumbled around in the sewage ponds anyway.
Mohisashee, Bangladesh, 2005
  Trekking in the Wild West of Eastern Europe offered endless views, great companionship and mystical scenery, every day.
Carpathian Mountains, Romania, 2001
  Trekking in Sweden offers quite a few challenges aswell as chilly weather. Here the route is both overgrown and flooded.
Söderåsen, Sweden, 2002