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  One of our guides who showed us the USS pueblo Spyship and the Memorial Monument of the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
  Senegal must be one of the best destinations in the world! On the weekends it seemed that everyone headed for the beach.
Île de N´Gor, Senegal, 2003
  Driven crazy by poverty or just by life itself? This man found no other alternative than to force a knife into himself.
Lahore, Pakistan, 1994
  At 19 this young girl was not our typical guide. She escorted us to the spa in Nampo and through the sights in Pyongyang.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
  Meeting a seedy guy in the streets I signed up for a rafting-cum-National Park-tour-all included. Even transport. Lucky me.
Chitwan, Nepal, 1994
  Longing for many years I finally got to visit the five lakes of Band-i-Amir. Maybe the most beautiful place on earth!
Band-i-Amir, Afghanistan, 2004
  I first met Niko and Mamiko 1990 and since then Niko have visited Sweden two times. Now I stayed at her lovely home with her husband for ten days.
Tokyo, Japan, 2006
  Yoshimi, an aquantaince from Australia in 1990, in the smallest pub in the world, and probably the cosiest.
Osaka, Japan, 2006
  Just after the wall fell my class went to Berlin to do everything but study the wall. But we did see it., and quite a few pubs aswell.
Berlin, Germany, 1991
  Cooking for a group of fifteen me and a Swedish friend tried to make some Swedish food the bengali way - we made it half way.
Mohisashee, Bangladesh, 2005
  The omnipresent Dear Leader and Great Leader. Big and everywhere watching over their people. Constantly. Here in a barbershop.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
  Once in DPRK don't forget to visit the shooting range! It was a very interesting experience, as was just about everything.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
  Trekking in southern Sweden is very flat and very easy - in summertime. The rest of the year it rains and snows. So, that's when you go.
Bjärabygget, Sweden, 2003
  Having met Kanako in 1990 in Australia I had the honour to spend a day with her and visit her house in a cute little town.
Ise, Japan, 2006
  Shaking a colonels hand at The Concrete Wall Monument dividing the two Koreas. This day it was cloudy however - no show.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
  The coveted North Korean visa. Unfortunately we were not allowed to keep it. Actually it was easy to get, just pay a lot of money.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
  This health spa outside Oradea gives the weary traveller a chance to catch up on ice cream and swimming among the locals.
Baile Felix, Romania, 2001
  Trekking just a few hours outside my hometown the temperature went down to -20ºC, we had to abort our mission of walking for three days.
Vittsjö, Sweden, 2001
  Ordinary street scene in the center. Although savaged the Capitol actually functioned and had real and good people walking the strets.
Freetown, Sierra Leone, 2002
  As poverty struck as they are Bengalis always found the time to smile and invite me for a cup of chai.
Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1994
  Barely escaping the riots in Jerusalem I found out that the situation over the border was just as aggressive.
Amman, Jordania, 2000
  Grasping for breath due to the lack of oxygen this little girl actually lived here as though the thin air was no problem at all.
Volcán Tajamulco, Guatemala, 1999
  Midday prayer as seen from a balcony of a textile factory. The unmistakable sound of a muadhdin definitely tells you you are abroad.
Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2005
  Although cast away by society these untouchable kids did not have a worry in the world except to see how the picture turned out.
Rajshahi, Bangladesh, 2005
  To me all the Nepalese villages looked the same, peanut vendors and shaggy restaurants, broken shacks and ever smiling children.
Dhankuta, Nepal, 1994
  A vivid memory of a forgotten paradise where every day consisted of swimming and contemplating, relaxation and coffee.
Bocas del Toro, Panama, 1999
  This ¨eagle perched on the mountainside¨ and ¨museum town¨ was, well, just a town. Charming and nice but pretty scarred.
, Albania, 2000
  Crossing the border to Belize I got stranded in the real wild west. A real wild and rough place. I liked it, I liked it a lot.
Melchor de Menos
, Guatemala, 1999
  Miami Beach was every bit as funky as seen on Miami Vice. More run down and Spanish than true American though.
, U.S.A., 2002
  Stranded in the Capitol for quite a few days this, and other similar activities, was the highlight of the day.
, Kyrgystan, 2004
  Leroy, the crazy bugger, was always ready to lend a hand. Whether to help a friend in alcholoic distress or to actually help someone.
, Australia, 1990
  Michael and Angela Quinn brought me into their family like a long lost little brother. I enjoyed their company tremendously.
Glasshouse Mountains
, Australia, 1990