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  Canada still keeps its indian heritage visible, although this is all we saw during two weeks in Vancouver.
Vancouver, Canada, 2007
  Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery was very eerie and beautiful. We had to bow to pay respect for the fallen heroes.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
  This tiny Principality was actually very exciting, pretty and interesting, Look for adventure elsewhere though.
Vaduz, Liechtenstein, 2005
  The Memorial Monument of the Party Foundation symbolizes the intellectual, the worker and the peasant.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
  Seen from afar, the tower of Juche idea burns all through the night proclaiming self suffiency and kimilsungism.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
  Everybody drank maté from a container of hot water - even the tough guys walked around with beautifully decorated cups.
Clorinda, Argentina, 2002
  I did not expect to find a monument of Frank Zappa anywhere really, least of all places in the Baltics, but I did. It was really special, and tiny.
Vilnius, Lithuania, 2005
Stated as the ¨best WWII-monument¨ in the world Brest Fortress didn't disappoint me. Very grand and true to the Stalinist style.
Brest, Belarus, 2005
  Tallinn is a very modern city with all the flare and charm of any European capitol, beautiful but not exotic. Charming but not exciting.
Talinn, Estonia, 2005
  My own Backyard, Sweden, is also full of adventure and sights. The theatres always poses with a lot of great statues.
Stockholm, Sweden, 2005
  Statues of George Kastrioti (Skënderbeg) is seen everywhere. He won 25 battles over the Turks and is a national hero.
Lezha, Albania, 2000
  After being Polish, Swedish, Austrian, West Ukrainian, Polish and Russian this city was finally made its own in 1991 - Ukrainian.
Lviv, Ukraine, 2001
  Surely, one of the cleanest, safest and richest as well as most expensive countries in the world. Very clean and beautiful also.
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 2004
  A monument given by Benito Mussolini in all its glory out on an island where the former capitol once were.
Bolama, Guinea-Bissau, 2003