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  During many races you might need some rest to perform your maximum during the race. Usually this happens outdoor - lovely.
Bornholm, Denmark, 2009
  Meeting Wolfgang Schwerk, who has run two transcontinental races and four 3100-milers was the highlight. I ran only for 72 hours ...
Glyfada, Greece, 2009
  A indoor race quite close to my hometown - sucess. It was a fine race but I fell asleep several times. It was in a 250 m lobby of an arena.
Aarhus, Denmark, 2009
  My kind of race, small, simple and rough. This is a 50 km trail race in the province where I live. About 25 participants and one aid station.
Skrylle, Sweden, Sweden, 2008
  This year again there were awesome performances in the gax 100 miles. The First Finn to compete said he would finish in 20 hours - he did!
Ystad, Sweden, 2008
  Seven runners gettin' ready for the 50 mile-version of the gax 100 miles. All finished after running a full night along side the beach.
Haväng, Sweden, 2008
  Glen Turner from USA, an amazing athlete: 10 day victory, 72h, Extra Mile Endurathon (102 hours non stop!), running across USA ...
Hallsberg, Sweden, 2008
  Despite being injured and walking all the time Yiannis Kouros won the first Swedish 6 day race - here next to Kjell Damstedt, 67 years.
Hallsberg, Sweden, 2008
  Martina Hausman - undisputable queen of running (?), 200 +ultras: 10+ 6D, 5+ 72h, 25+ 48h, 60+ 24h, 4x1300 miles, 4 Spartathlon ...
Hallsberg, Sweden, 2008
  St Olav Ultra - of the first days 65 kilometres about 40 was road work, and despite being in the north it was a massive heat wave.
Sandvika, Norway, 2008
  During a Fat Ass event we ran into a couple who was trekking with their lamas and we stopped and chatted for a while.
Victoria, Canada, 2007
  Swedens only 100 mile-race was run for a second time and the participants increased with 167 % in very hot weather.
Ystad, Sverige, 2007
  A crazy idea actually turned in to reality - to arrange a 100 mile-race! Six participants was more than I hoped for.
Ystad, Sverige, 2006
  When darkness set in the adventure began as the route pretty much disappeared. Running in the night along the coast was magic.
Hallamölla, Sverige, 2006
  I came pretty much last but to run 100 miles is enough of a challenge for me. The distance is very challenging.
Ystad, Sverige, 2006
  Each competitor got a medal, t-shirt, map, energy gel, coffe, coke, water, food, soup, candy and a very long night as well as toes like me.
Malmö, Sverige, 2006
  In temperatures close to 40º and a very humid waether (95%?), ¨Spiderman¨ did not run very long in this suit.
Hirogodo, Japan, 2006
  Picture taken about 100 km into the Yashagaike 135 km. Very hot and very tired wondering if I will make the cut off time.
Sakauchi, Japan, 2006
  Finally the turning point of the holy Yashagaike lake, after this there is only 67.5 km to go - downhill but the first two took one hour!
Sakauchi, Japan, 2006
  The first section started at 11:00 and was 45 km, the second day it was 89 km starting at 03:30 a.m. Maximum total time - 7 + 17 h.
Sakauchi, Japan, 2006
  Here I am after about 95 km enjoying the very beautiful view through japanese countryside and farming villages.
Sakauchi, Japan, 2006
  The race was 67.5 km uphill and 67.5 km downhill. The turningpoint was this holy lake - Yashagaike where there was a shinto shrine.
Yashagaike, Japan, 2006
  A lap in the exhibition hall was 250 metres and took 1:30 minutes at first. After 48 hours I did just a few laps an hour - wonderful!
Brno, Czech Republic, 2006
  I had the honour to escort Mr Kenny Wallström the last 22 km of his 2000+ km run across Sweden. Check out
Burlöv, Sweden, 2006
  The biggest ultramarathon in Sweden is actually not very big at all, but very nice and comfy with 50 km run from A to B.
Haninge, Sweden, 2005
  Not much beats the feeling of crossing the finish line after running 323 km up and down the mountains.
Basel, Switzerland, 2005
  The start and finish of the disastrous 100 miles in Eastern Europe. I came third, and last! All other runners DNF:d.
Olešnice, Czech Republic, 2005
  The views were stunning through the whole race, although it rained six days out of seven; mountains and villages, forrests and hills.
Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, 2005