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 The kids, the people, in Cambodia was far more kind and curious than in neoghbouring contries. A perfect place to bring a toddler.
Sihanoukville , Cambodia, 2007
 S-21, aka Toul Sleng, was a former school which was turned into a into a interrogation centre. Out of 17 000 prisoners, only 12 survived.
Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2007
 Taking a tour of Tonga we saw more churches than we wanted to, quite a few plantations as well as some stunning beaches.
Tongatapu, Tonga, 2007
 Having met Megumi 16 years earlier in Australia and hosting her on a visit I finally met her again in Tokyo - the same day as she was on TV!
Tokyo, Japan, 2006
 Harajuku is where many young people engage in cosplay (¨costume play¨), to resemble anime characters, punk musicians, etc.
Tokyo, Japan, 2006
 Mr Toshiya Sasaki and his wonderful wife did everythinga and very much more to make me feel at home in big Tokyo.
Tokyo, Japan, 2006
 Propaganda everywhere! The murals were many and beautiful. Even the smallest village had a grand mosaic of the Kims and smiling people.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
 We were allowed to ride the train out of North Korea unescorted! The train station was as any other asian mess but without any mess at all.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
 The USS Pueblo was attacked by North Korea on January 23, 1968. 82 crew members were captured and held prisoner for 11 months.
Pyongyang, North Korea, 2006
 Mao Zedong is still overlooking the biggest square in the world - Tianmen Square - where it is hard to see the other side.
Beijing, China, 2006
 Man playing trumpet at two different weddings for three days straight. His music echoed in my head for eight days.
Mohisashee, Bangladesh, 2005
 Kids everywhere playful, kind but above all very curious. There was not a step without kids hanging around waiting for your next move.
Mohisashee, Bangladesh, 2005
  Our very beautiful and devoted interpreter and wonderful guide Biswajit Serker took very good care of me and our group.
Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2005
 This Brahmin Priest was very willing to explain all the mysteries and traditions behind the scenes at a wedding.
Mohisashee, Bangladesh, 2005
 Our very beautifu and devotedl interpreter and wonderful guide Rafeeza Shaheen took very good care of me and our group.
Mohisashee, Bangladesh, 2005
 The people doing the hard part of running 323 km in the Swiss mountians - doing the laundry, food and moral support - was always warm and encouraging.
Basel, Switzerland, 2005
 Once again luck struk and I got a chance to live with nomads in the Zagros Mountains. There were ten of us living in a tent.
Zagros Mountains,
Iran, 2004
 This Hazara man posed kindly with his three friends in front of one of the five majestic lakes of Band-i-Amir.
Band-i-Amir, Afghanistan, 2004
 Strangely, this woman actually asked for a picture. She was doing her laundry just below one of the former giant Buddhas.
Band-i-Amir, Afghanistan, 2004
 Standing just outside the hospital this girl was waiting for her mother. Just half an hour outside Kabul I was in rural country.
Bini Hissar,
Afghanistan, 2004
 A lot of Tajiks wore traditional clothes, this man held a bear in chains and charged people money for taking photos with the bear.
Dushanbe, Tajikistan, 2004
 Fadouba Oulare, masterdrummer, over 70 years old, 30 children, gave me lessons and let me sleep in his own bed.
Faranah, Guinea, 2003
 Renting a dug out canoe to explore the mangroves in Cassamance, Augustine asked for a ride to her village outside Ziguinchor.
Affiniam, Senegal, 2003
 Staying with the aid elite in Freetown I was treated with the security of a night watch, and day watch and more.
Freetown, Sierra Leone, 2003
 Walking around in Paraguays exotic but totally closed capitol on a sunday I stumbled across a few indigenous indians.
Asuncion, Paraguay, 2002
 These street kids working as shoe shine boys were abundant in the big cities of Latin America, always covering their faces.
La Paz, Bolivia, 2002
 One of many characters from the world of Disney from the daily parade, an explosion in colours, impressions and fantasy
Disneyworld, U.S.A., 2002
 In northern Romania it do seem as if time has not moved at all. This gentleman bought me schnapps, for breakfast.
Budesti, Romania, 2001
 This man was actually happier than he looked because he had a job, but no fridge implying it was better in Hoxhas days.
Saranda, Albania, 2000
 In Bobos chaotic market this man and I shared a few laughs and tried each others glasses, his weere actaully made of soda bottles.
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, 2000
 Despite consisting of mostly black Kreols and Garífunas descending from slaves Belize had quite a few other inhabitants.
Caye Caulker , Belize, 1999
 Everywere in Guatemala one could se indigenious indians walking by just as if the last 400 years never had happen.
Antigua, Guatemala, 1999
 As chance had it I happened to be in the middle of Guatemala just as the Rabin Ajau festival took place, marimba and costumes everywere.
Cobán, Guatemala, 1999
 I actually considered joining a fight in these festivities until I realised that these kids probably had been in war at one stage or another.
Santa Ana, El Salvador, 1999
 In the middle of a lake I found a peaceful volcanic island - just the spot. I stayed for ten days doing not much and experiencing everything.
, Nicaragua, 1999
 In northern Panama there was a diveshop and I immidiately went out to splurge in the carribbean waters. What a treat.
Bocas del Toro
, Panama, 1999
 A very shy man, he did not utter a word but still posed willingly for several photos in the colourful market.
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, 1999
 A colourful military parade went through town drawing crowds, boys and girls with its drums, beautiful uniforms and steady march.
Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, 1999
 I have visited Denmark a 100+ times, and there are many more to come as the number one restaurant in the world lies here, in Christiania.
, Denmark, 1999
 Riding the train from Sweden to Hong Kong in ten days this little girl was on her way home from Russia to Mongolia.
Yöröö, Mongolia, 1997
 On a long boat trip from Bagan to Pyi I had to play guitar to get food, this lady shared some peanuts with me.
, Burma (Myanmar), 1994
 As Henri nursed me back to health he told me stories about several wars he had been in. He was 84 years old and travelling by himself.
Port Blair
, Andaman Islands, 1994
 Trying to do as the locals do I slipped in to watch a game of basket where I met Cassie, Robocop also visited the game.
Brisbane, Australia, 1991
 In 1994 I actually visited his house in Dharamsala, India, but he was not at home so I went to see him when he came to my area instead.
Lund, Sweden, 2000