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Miscallenous - 2008-...
Route: Iraq, CIngo, Azerbaijan, ... x months
Highlight: Running for 144 hours in South Africa.
Summary: Miscallenous visits and competitions where I've tried to squeeze in a short visit to the local geysir, church or sight. Often to knackered to walk around town after the endless kilometres of running.
132409 - 541864
A month in Sri Lanka - 2011

Route: Qatar and Sri Lanka, 1 month
Highlight: Seeing the kids running towards the waves every day.
Summary: Spent pretty much every day at  the beach and tried to squeeze in a few sights every now and then inbetween dodging the cars of Galle Road. Visited Qatar for just fea hot (+40 degrees) hours.

48482 - 434955,

Around the world - 2007
Route: Sweden, Canada, Samoa, Tonga, New Zealand, Cambodia, Thailand
Highlight: Spent a week on the almost uninhabited island of Uoleva.
Spent most of the time in Tonga and Cambodia. Ran two half marathons, did a few dives but mostly enjoyed travelling with my eigth month old baby.
60410 - 386473, 4ym
From Pyongyang to Tokyo - 2006
Route: From North Korea to Japan, 3 countries, 1 month
Highlight: Meeting my japanese friends.
Summary: Took a bizarre tour of North Korea and then travelled by train and ferry to
Japan through Korea (south) and a long run 67 km up a mountain (and back) and visit Japanese friends from 16 years back.
42142 - 326063,
Bangladesh revisited - 2005

Route: From Dhaka to Rajshahi and back, 1 country, month
Highlight: The genuine hospitality of the people.
Summary: Stayed in a very basic village in Dhaka Division with a a brief visit up north to a village outside Rajshahi.
Visited quite a few monuments in Dhaka and had a dip in the river Padma/Ganga. Went with Swedish Government to visit NGO:s.
1433 - 283921, 3y6m
Switzerland by foot - 2005
Route: Rome to Estonia through Belarus, 15 countries, 1 month
Highlight: Running 323 km in the mountains of Switzerland.
Summary: Crossing Switzerland the hard way visiting Liechtenstein, The Holy See, San Marino, Monaco, Slovenia and more before running 100 miles (161 km) non stop in the Czech Republic passing Belarus and Balticum on my way home.

25842 - 282488, 3y6m
Finally Afghanistan - 2004
Route: From Kyrgizstan to Iran, 7 countries, 2 months
Highlight: Entering Afghanistan from Tajikistan over Amu Darya.
Summary: A roundtrip through the former Russian Republics savouring islamic architecture before witnessing the destruction by the Taliban and making a pilgrimage to Bamiyan in Afghanistan. Flew to the United Arab Emirates to find a boat to Iran.
27980 - 266646, 3y4m
To Sierra Leone - 2003
Route: From Sierra Leone to Cape Verde, 8 countries, 2 months
Highlight: Yoff, Senegal - paradise next to Dante's inferno?
Summary: Flying helicopter in Sierra Leone, taking djembe classes in Guinea and especially enjoying Arquip dos Bijags in Guinea-Bissau before loosing passport, flight ticket, money and getting my VISA card emptied on my way home through Belgium.
30681 - 238666, 3y2m
The Paraguay trip - 2002
Route: From Peru to Paraguay, 7 countries, 2 months
Highlight: Crossing el Gran Chaco.
Summary: Visiting Disneyland in Miami before exploring the old Inca empires of Peru and trekking in the Andes. Then travelling all of the Ruta Trans Chaco, meeting the mennonites and exploring Paraguays Jesuit ruins as well as the lovely city of Villarica.
27668 - 207985, 3ym
USA by car - 2002
Route: From Denver to Las Vegas, 1 country, month
Highlight: Las Vegas, actually.
Summary: Driving - the worst choice of travel style - from Fort Collins, Colorado to Las Vegas, Nevada, won 10 USD on Warhead, lost 'em again on the bandits. Visited Grand Canyon along the way and ate at those road diners one always sees in the movies.
6100 - 180317, 2y10m
Romania and the former Soviet Union - 2001
Route: From Sweden to Romania and back, 9 countries, 1 month
Highlight: The lifestyle of Maramures in northern Romania.
Summary: Travelling by land to Bucarest through Ukraine, Moldova and the self proclaimed republic of Transdniestr. Climbing Romanias highest peak and enjoying the hospitality of the Romanians before visiting Slovakia on the way home again.
7564 - 174217, 2y10m
Through the Sahara - 2000
Route: West Africa and Egypt to Sweden, 24 countries, 6 months
Highlight: Crossing the Sahara desert in a military convoy.
Summary: By land from Morocco to Ghana visiting a Leper Colony along the way. Diving down to 45 metres on Nitrox in Egypt before meeting my brother in Jordan continuing through the Middle East, the Balkans and Eastern Europe on my way home.
57460 - 166653, 2y9m
Colombia to Mexico - 1999
Route: From Venezuela to Mexico, 10 countries, 3 months
Highlight: Staying with Queqcha indians in Guatemala.
Summary: Travelling from Venezuelaup to Mexico through all of the Central American countries. Staying for ten days on Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua, meeting sharks in Beliza and dining in the best vegetarian restaurant in the world - in El Salvador!
29053 - 109193, 2y3m
Trans Siberian Railroad - 1997
Route: To Hong Kong and Indochina, 10 countries, 3 months
Highlight: Travelling on the Trans Mongolian Railroad.
Summary: Making it all the way from Sweden to the border of Vietnam by land, where I was denied entry. Flew to the Phillipines via Hong Kong and did some technical diving. Flew to Vietnam, saw 50 temples in Laos and studied massage in Thailand.
35250 - 80140, 2y
Single ticket to Pakistan - 1994-95
Route: From Pakistan to South East Asia, 8 countries, 9 months
Highlight: Arriving in Karachi without any luggae at all.
Summary: Crisscrossing Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh whilst doing white water rafting, going on a safari and playing sitar. Then visiting mystic Burma (Myanmar) before landing a job as a Diving Instructor in Thailand.
44890 - 44890, 1y9m
One year in Australia - 1990-91
Route: Sydney to Cairns through Perth, 1 country, 12 months
Highlight: Meeting the Quinns and Leroy.
Summary: Warming up in Sydney before attending High School in Townsville and Nambour. Travelling to Alice Springs, Canberra, Cairns, Perth the big Pineapple, the big Macadamia Nut and learning to dive as well as staying on a big Cattle Station.
xxxxx - xxxxx, 1y
In Sweden - 1972-xx
Route: x, x countries, x months
Highlight: My own family.
Summary: After a great childhood I studied (a lot), travelled (a lot), worked (a lot), trained (a lot) and eventually started to teach philosophy. Spend my time dreaming and planning about ultrarunning and travelling, or actually doing it, when there's time.
xxxxx - xxxxx, xyqwz