1996 15-16 Nov: Contributed to the seminar ”Hörni. Det akustiska rummet (Do You Hear. The Acoustic Room)” at Konstfack, Stockholm, arranged by Bengt Carling, Curt Lagerström, Pehr-Mikael Sällström, Lise-Lott Norelius, with my piece ”Städer/Cities” + tekkhnå and sound collage together with Sören Runolf. Several lecturers and musicians participated, among them Lennart Karlén, Torbjörn Stockfelt, Catharina Dyrssen, Henrik Karlsson, Leo Nilsson, Tommy Adolfsson, Timmo Tuovinen, Lise-Lott Norelius, Sören Runolf. A CD with the music was released where also my piece Part 1 Städer/Cities and the tekkhno FactFactory are heard.

1996 7 Oct: Percussion on chairs and telephone books in a happening directed by Bengt Carling at the presentation of the new telephone book covers by Telia at The Royal Academy of Art, Stockholm. Co-musicians Monica Åslund-Forsén, Jörgen Adolfsson, Tuomo Haapala + 12 dancers.

1996 29 May: Percussion and elec. violin in The Aleph Sanctuary Percussion Orchestra at Gino at the opening of the Mati Klarwein exhibition ”The Aleph Sanctuary”, arranged by Per Tjernberg. Co-musicians Per, Bosse Skoglund, Bill Öhrström, Jörgen Adolfsson and Christer Bothén. Mati is the artist who painted the covers to Miles Davis ”Bitches Brew” and ”Live-Evil”.

1993 - 96: Member of the committee, firm signer, administrator, treasurer in the nonprofit association EMIL (the old and proud musician collective Ett minne för livet (A Lifetime Memory), nowadays just a rehearsing place for Anitas Livs, Lokomotiv Konkret, Bolon X, Makonde, Jörgen Adolfsson, Tommy Adolfsson, Bosse Skoglund etc.

1994 22 Dec: Small percussion in total improvisation together with Martin Küchen saxophones, flutes and Johannes Bergmark saw, flutes, home made instrument, and duo (bow instruments) together with Sören Runolf cello. At the Café Aguéli under the name ”Midvintersoaré MED KÖTT (Midwinter soiree WITH MEAT)”, musicians and poets (among them Ilmar Laaban).

1994 30 Sept: Percussion at the opening av the Konstfack 150 year anniversary exhibition at Kulturhuset. Like this: a young women string quartet are playing, KRASCH, someone suddenly drop a ceramic object at the floor (fooling everyone that it is one of the precious exhibition objects), great confusion, at different places several persons starts to scrape and knock and play at the furnishing and objects, an improvisation that slowly change to involve ordinary instruments and ends up with a stage concert. 10 musicians. A happening by Bengt Carling.

1993 June and 28 May 94: Elec. violin in Art Society of Stockholm (ASS). Kungsträdgården. Electronics + elec. violin, elec. guitars, saxophones, voices, ”collage-music” from three tape machines, sound distorters, mixers. A big art happening in the park with many participants. Co-musicians Per Wikström, Mikael Katzeff.

1994 21 May: Percussion (Siberian shaman drum) at a ceremony celebrating night flying kites at Gärdet, ”Skulptera vinden (Sculpturing the Wind)”, the night before Drakfesten, together with Tommy Adolfsson who was blowing "mollusc shell" (I don't know what this beautiful instrument is called in English). Arr by Bengt Carling.

1994 22 April: Percussion at the examination course in the aesthetic of feast at Konstfack. Co-musicians Sten Sandell, Christer Bothén, Tommy Adolfsson + the students who played on and with their tools: sewing machine, anvil, grinder, sawing in tree, tearing paper and cloth, smashing glass etc. Arr by Bengt Carling.

1994 20 Mars: Percussionist, dancer with "hummare" and "vinare" (instruments that are sounding by being circulated in the air) at ”Vår Vända. En vårritual (Spring Turn {also meaning Our Turn}. A spring festival)” dance, poetry, music at Konstfack at the vernal equinox. Ylva Hermodsson, Karin Schmidt, Bengt Carling, Bronislaw Suchanek, Christer Bothén, Ragna Weegar, Helena Nilsson, Anna Wallander. Arr by Bengt Carling.

1992 - 93: Musician in Tuomo Haapala's Lilla Vattenorkestern (The Small Water Orchestra) which play in, with, and on water using instruments and objects sounding by water, at the openings of the touring exhibition ”Vattenlek (Water Play)” shown in public baths.

1992 June - Aug: Percussionist, drummer, swimming player in Tuomo Haapala's big music happening involving 150 persons on, at the side of, in and under the water of Stockholm Norrström during Vattenfestivalen (The Water Festival), Stockholms Vattenorkester (Stockholm Water Orchestra), and its concerts around in the city.

1989 April: Violin, elec. violin, flute, hand drum, dancing around Bengt Carling in kite happenings at kite festivals in the cities of Weifang and Beijing in China. The singing sound from the kite line was amplified by contact microphones and the line was also played by bow and hits. Me, in black clothes (thin body) and white painted face, Bengt in white clothes (big round body) and a large red spiral painted at the big belly. Part of the show was he had a kite line around his head like a three meter long red nose (Europeans are in China called long-nosers) from where the line reached up in the sky to the big kite he was steering around while I was dancing around him playing, like a black moon around a white planet. The old Chinese gentlemen competition judges, to whom kites are serious matters, had very fun.

1983 - 84: Was working at a youth house as a drum teacher and inpirer for music among the kids at Sätra fritidsgård. They rehearsed, took care of their own activities and concerts and was also responsible to get money for it.

1983 Aug: Violin and pakhawaj (drum from India) at Nordisk Drakfest (Nordic Kite Festival) at Sveaborg outside Helsingfors, Finland along with Anita Livstrand song and saz, Björner Torsson poetry reading, Yael Feiler poetry reading in hebrew, altogether in a Bengt Carling happening celebrating the wind with several aeol harps, big kites and playing on the kite lines.

1982 - 83: Soloperformances, playing live instruments to my own soundtrack. Festivals arranged by FRIM (The Association for FRee Improvised Music) at Musikhistoriska museet (The Museum of Music History) and at Kulturhuset (The Culture House), Stockholm.

1983: Violin and percussion together with Thomas Tidholm reading poetry at the Poetry Festival at the Moderna Museet (The Museum of Modern Art).

1982 - 83: Musikpolitiskt verksam som sammankallande i Musikeraktionen som försökte sätta lite ny eld i baken på musiker att påverka sin egen usla kulturpolitiska situation. Andra inblandande var Ale Möller, Christer Boustedt, Gunnar Lindgren, Lennart Åberg, Anita Livstrand m.fl.

1982 Sept: Flute and singing at the poet Gary Snyder reading at, Moderna Museet. I am the Swedish translator of his book ”The Old Ways (Gammalt vis)”, Arkturus 1981.

1970 - 82: Violin and drumming in ”my” group ”Broder Molns Spelmän (The Fiddlers of Brother Cloud)” at parties, music festivals and peace meetings (against nuclear weapons and for the ending of the cold war) at Gotland.

1970 - 82: Soloperformances in different circumstances, among them the peace festivals at Almedalen in Visby, Gotland. Were drumming a peace march forward all the way from Fårö to Visby (approx. 60 kilometer) 1981.

1977 - 82: Worked with music with mentally retarded adults (Klintehemmet in Klintehamn), mentally retarded children (Lillkorpen in Visby), and with patients at The Psychiatric Clinic of S:t Olof in Visby. The latest years at Gotland this was my main support. A difficult work that demanded effort, patience and love. The method to work was my own ideas, concentrated on the development of spontaneous communication (because many of them couldn't speak ordinary words at all) with the help of musical expressions like rhythm, calls, and to listen with the help of the simplest instruments and sounds of voice. At the mental hospital there was mostly collective playing on drums, wooden mallets, beautiful sounding metals, whistles, guitars, zither and a grand piano, combined with voice and bodily practices and the ability to be silent and rest and listen.

1975 - 1982: Heavily involved in creating a lot of music festivals at Gotland, not only in the summertime. Many of my musician friends came there, and many friends at the island were good in creating all the conditions to make these festivals.

1979 in September was the first Världsmusikfestivalen (World Music Festival), some years before this was regarded in the papers as a music style, at Rålambshovsparken, Stockholm, arranged by the music associations Föreningen Fri Musik (The Association of Free Music) and Ett Minne För Livet (A Lifetime Memory). Large crowds of people in three days. Orchestras: Anna Själv Tredje, Arbete & Fritid, Archimedes badkar, Don Cherry, Ensamble II, von Fjäderfä, Förklädd Gud, Iskra, Kräldjursanstalten, Lava, Lokomotiv Konkret, Nya Ljudbolaget, Vargavinter, Zamla Mammaz Manna.

1978: Drums, pakhawaj, violin and percussion in Anita Livstrand's LP record ”Mötet (The Meeting)” (MNW).

1977-78: Soloperformances and together with Anita Livstrand, Kappfabriken in Uppsala and Mariahissen.

1973: I worked for some month at a day care home for small children playing music with them.

1973: Engaged myself together with many to create a music forum in Stockholm (Bryggeriet, Ny Kultur {The Brewery, New Culture}) as a natural continuation of the work of Träd, Gräs och Stenar. Several activities and festivals were made, among them a big 2 day festival at Folkets Hus (The House of the People) called Midvinterblot (the name of an ancient midwinter ceremony from the Vikings time). The music place called Bryggeriet kept on existing for several years.

1970: With Träd, Gräs och Stenar. Together with other music activists were Gärdesfesterna created. Some of us were touring with ”spela själv grupper (play it yourselves groups” produced by Rikskonserter through Solveig Bark. I myself was very active in the Allaktivitetshuset (All Activity House ) Gamla Bro, and specially in the taking over, the occupation of the house.

1968: Participated together with Thomas Tidholm at the 3 days long Text-Ljud Festival (Text-Sound Festival) arranged by Fylkingen at Moderna Museet.

1968: Involved in several radio shows with Thomas Tidholm and Anna-Clara Tjerneld.

1968: Touring with Bo-Anders Persson in schools in Tornedalen (very far up north) trying to help him to explain music subtilities for pupils.