Tekkhnå”TEKKHNÅ”. What comes out of my sampler when I try to mix ”musical” and ”nonmusical” sounds to beats? What happens if I try to make ”tekkhnå” from the sound of a wet finger squeezing against a bathtub, knockings at a metal ladder, when my children and my ”solidarity”?
A combination of free sounds and dance music, to get the matter of sound to groove. Made by computer sequencer, sampler and synthesizer module, between 1996-98. The only way to really listen this music is to order a homebrewed CD, 15 $. Mail to mera(at)comhem.se

Three short excerpts. Real Player G2 -files (if you don't have RealPlayer there is a link to get it at the page you come to when you click these links):

Tekkh  580 kb
Solidar  326 kb
FactFactory  620 kb

Städer/Cities”STÄDER/CITIES”, sound-music-collage-tape (finished 1993, in 5 parts approx. 1 hour long) was about gathering sounds from the life of the city, throw them into the oven, and to make a soundbread which is the intensity of the city, it's noise, it's explosive dynamics, sometimes brutal, sometimes too much, to make music by garbage of sound, recycling sound trash. I created a sounding heap of garbage, with rooms and passages, instead of throwing them away.
  There is also instruments heard: tenor saxophone, electric guitar, synthesizer, electric violin, drums, voice. Made by an 8-channel analog ”home studio”, series of mixings, overlaps and reuse (sometimes more then 32 channels at the same time).
  A stream of sounding "pictures" are treated by the tools of machines, to be something more and something else, something that is discovered or ”rooms” that is just happening, something new that is not attached to a representation, a ”fiction”. And your ”picture” of what you hear is some kind of continuation, but with your focus, feelings, visions and notions, of the same sounding ”mass” or matter, which, through changing with you, turns to
  Contact me if you want to get a homebrewed CD, 15 $. Mail to mera(at)comhem.se

March 1997: The choreographer Cristina Caprioli uses 37 min., parts 1, 2 & 3, in her dance performance ”L'Onda - The Labyrinth of Listening” at the House of Dance in Stockholm.
  December 1996: She uses the same parts 1, 2 & 3 in her dance performance ”The Reading of a Wave - The Privilege of the Eye” at the Blue Box, Dansens Hus, Stockholm, in company of music by Luigi Nono, Einstürzende Neubauten, Nine Inch Nails, bang on a can.

Three short excerpts. Real Player G2 -files:

Drone ”DRONE”. For you who like to listen to what´s happening in "monotonies". Four drones, two from 1967, one from 1997 and one from the day before yesterday 2001. Before I've heard about La Monte Young and Terry Riley, who specialized on exploring "the monotonous", Indian music had made a very deep impression. There the tanpoura is weaving a twisting sonourous ringing with ever changings of the same four tones. I was sitting in the night at home playing the piano in a similar way, listening the overtones appearing and disappearing. Another night I recorded Mecki's Hammond at The Swedish Radio. The first two drones are made by "sound-on-sound" (you mix a "overdub" in the tracks already recorded, not at a track beside and mix later) on a regular home tape recorder. Ulla was helping to sing. In the computer I have tried to clean the old recordings, so they sound quite beautiful. I don´t have to say anything on he two later drones — just listen.
For going deep and meditation — keep the ears and the mind awaken and open.

Order in the same way as the other records. 15 $. Mail to mera(at)comhem.se

Cloudsongs”LUFTSÅNGER/CLOUDSONGS” 1984, Silence Records. I lived for ten years 1972-1982 at the island Gotland in the Baltic Sea together with my wife at that time, ”Kära”, in her house (visit her home page Channa Bankier and look at her computer art). I recorded the sounds of the surroundings, the soundcape of winds and birds and leaves, played flute with the birds in the forest and played on the ordinary things and tools around, like wheelbarrow, metal tub with water, wooden garden chair, a dead pine-stem, the circular sawblade of a firewood cutter, kerosene tank, buckets and pans etc. etc.
  Together with Anders Lind at the Silence Records studio in the forest of Värmland a collage was created. I guess this is one of the early albums of ”musique concrete”, ”ambient”, ”soundplay”, ”earplay”, ”soundmovie” in Sweden (if you never have heard of the ”text-sound” exercises of Fylkingen or ”Spirits of Ecstasy/The Way to Nepal” by Åke Hodell and such records of course, which mostly are constructed by language and sounds of voice).
  This record was nominated to the contest of the Swedish Phonogram Price 1984. No longer available as a record.
  Contact me if you want to get a homebrewed CD, 15 $. Mail to mera(at)comhem.se
Real Player G2 - file:
A short part  303 kb

Songs”SÅNGER/SONGS” 1974, Silence Records. Songs in Swedish, acoustic instruments, written after the 5 years being a drummer in a very loud and exited electric agitation, rejoice-, right on and revolutionary shamanistic music group like Pärson Sound/International Harvester/Träd, Gräs och Stenar.
  There was so many words that was not sung, on my part, so I had to write some songs. Both sorrowful and happy. The friends Roland Keijser, Torsten Eckerman, Nicke Ström, Torbjörn Abelli, Thomas Lundqvist, Bosse Skoglund, Bengt Berger, Anita Livstrand, Jakob Sjöholm, Sten Wallin, and Kära of course, play together with my voice and acoustic guitar, violin, african drum, cither and other sounds. Only one electric tune where I try to play the electric guitar.
  Not available as a record any longer, but you can get a copy of the vinyl, with some crackle and pop, as a homebrewed CD. If you want to hear it, contact me. Mail to mera(at)comhem.se

1984 I got the honor to make music for William Shakespeare's Hamlet. A television movie version directed by Ragnar Lyth. Earlier I'd made music for one of Agneta Fagerström-Olson's films, "I Get Up in the Morning Along With the Giraffes" about Channa Bankier, and sound works for Agneta's and her partner John Olson's movie "Hårga". John Olson was the cinematographer of the Hamlet project. That's how it was, though him I got this job.

I got a bank loan with help of my father to buy a 8-track analog tape machine and mixing board and a 2-channel Revox as master. Then I recorded track after track with the music instruments i could use, in the rehearsing place of the musician collective Ett Minne för Livet (A Lifetime Memory). Others who brought their musicianship were Constantin Carlestam, Mattias Helldén, Anita Livstrand, Eva Lagerhjelm, Håkan Möller and Jörgen Adolfsson.

The film were shown in two parts at different nights in Swedish Public Television January 1985. It started such a hullabaloo in the papers on "how to play Hamlet" that the channel had to show the movies again at extra time a week later.

This home brew release is remixed and re-mastered 2004. Here is the best music, and mostly in its full length.

Director Ragnar Lyth. Translation Jan Mark.
Stellan Skarsgård Hamlet, Pernilla August (as Wahlgren) Ophelia, Frej Lindqvist Claudius, Mona Malm Gertrude, Sven Lindberg Polonius, Tomas Bolme Rosencrantz, Johannes Brost Gyldenstern, Per Eggers Oratio, Dan Ekborg Laertes. Cinematography by John Olsson. Film Editing by Lasse Lundberg.

Parts of two tracks: Horns and Flutes .mp3   Ophelia dead .mp3

If you want to hear the whole record, home brewed CD-R, send a e-mail to mera(at)comhem.se.
15 $.

”FINODASVIS - Concert for moving audience”. April - may 1990. A composition consisting of eleven 22 minutes long ”soundscapes” for a large architecture exhibition, NordForm 90, in the harbor of the city Malmö. Idea by Bengt Carling, co-composer Tuomo Haapala. These 11 tapes were placed inside 19 six meters high sounding towers along the waterline, played by reversing car tape machines all day and night long. Composed after the concepts of Tree, Water, Air, Wind, Metal, Ice etc.
   Perhaps I will make a selection on ONE cd someday.



1998: ”Konsten att begrava en kärring/The Art of Burying an Old Hag” by Mikael Niemi at Upsala Stadsteater. Director Edward Buffalo Bromberg.

1990: 2 parallel running sound/music tapes for ”Bruden och fjärilsfångaren/The Bride and The Butterfly Catcher” by the Isreaeli poet Nissim Aloni, translated and directed by Yael Feiler, my wife nowadays. Teater 9. Den Andra Teatern/The Second Theatre, Stockholm.

1989: ”(SJ)ÖNÖD” (the titel impossible to translate , something like distress at sea, distress at island), children play, Pantomimteatern, Stockholm.

1988: ”Den Gula Tapeten/The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Directed by Yael Feiler at Moderna Dansteatern and Pistolteatern, Stockholm.

1988: ”Maratondansen/They Shot Horses Don't They” by Horace McCoy/Ray Herman. Nya Mimensemblen/The New Mime Ensamble. Director Lena Stefenson. Plaza, Stockholm. Approx. 2 hour music.

1988: ”Askungens våta dröm/The Wet Dream of Cinderella”. Written and directed by Yael Feiler. Pistolteatern.


1998: ”I den gröngrå zonen/In the Green Gray Zone”, by Maja Lindström, short movie.

1984: ”Hamlet” by Shakespear. Directed by Ragnar Lyth. 2 hour film for Swedish public television TV 2. Was also acting as one of the musicians in the "actor group".

1984: ”Hårga” by Agneta Fagerström och John Olsson. Television and movie theatres.

1981: ”Jag går upp med girafferna på morgonen/Along With The Giraffes I Get Up In The Morning” by Agneta Fagerström. Film for televison about the artist Channa Bankier.


TELEVISION (except shows with the music groups):

”Månens drömmar/The Dreams of The Moon”. Playing, acting, singing together with Susanne Valentin (choreography and dance), Channa Bankier (painting, colour and acting) och Rolf Strindberg. 5 programs for children for public TV 1.

1973: ”Se med örona - hör med ögona/Look With The Ears - Hear With The Eyes.” 5 programs for children for public TV 1 together with Susanne Valentin, Channa Bankier och Maarten Blomkvist (light art).



”Lövsånger/Songs of Leaves”. Art and poems by Cilla Ericsson. Light show/programming by Peter Tucker. Sound-music tape, and live music together with Anita Livstrand.
Kilen /Kulturhuset, Stockholm.



1981 - 84: Sound-music specialy for radio. ”Nattövning/Night Execise” by Ingela Lind and Stefan Johansson 1981, in P. Meyers
”Nattövning” 1982, also in his sound exhibition at Moderna Museet/The Museum of Modern Art 1983, in Lennart Wretlind's ”Safari” 1984.

And some more here and there.