2006-2009. Mixing all music for Träd Gräs och Stenars latest CD "Homeless cats".

2006-2007. Preparing all soundtracks for Träd Gräs och Stenar DVD "Från Möja till Minneapolis"

My recording Bengt "Frippe" Nordström and his The Enviromental Control Office at Fasching 1988 released as double cd on ayler records 2003.

2000: Mixing several tracks of the TG&S CD Ajn Schvajn Draj.

1998: Recording Träd, Gräs & Stenar future CD.

1996: Mixing three of my recordings of the music by Tuomo Haapala for his CD ”Vattenringar”, Caprice Records, released Oct 96.

1996: Sound technician, light technician + a little acting playing the violin in Bengt Berger's music and acting mask play ”Van Huygens Princip (The Principle of Van Huygen)” at Lido, Stockholm. 10 performances. Musicians along with Berger were Ivo Nilsson, Roland Keijser and Bosse Skoglund. Light by Torkel Blomqvist. Masks by My Walther. Scenography Bengt Carling.

1995: Recorded, mixing and drums, music by Peter Bryngelsson for a theater play of 4:e Teatern in Västerås.

1995: Recording and mix for Anitas Livs demo .

1994: Recording for Per-Åke Holmlander demo.

1994: Recorded and mixed the music by Tuomo Haapala for Anna Erikssons film ”Världen inifrån - världen utifrån (The world from within - the world from without”.

1993: Recording, mix and producer of Anitas Livs CD ”UGH!”

1990: Recording, mix, mastering, and percussion in the music by Tuomo Haapala for Caprioli Dance Company dance performance ”Bete (Bait, also meaning Pasture, Graze)”. Oktober Moderna Dansteatern.

1987 - 90: PA-sound mix at the Jazzklubb Fasching.

1990: Recording and mixing demo of Anitas Livs.

1990: Mixing and drum programming the music by Håkan Möller for the television movie ”Kniven i Karlavagnen (The Knife in The Plough, The Big Dipper)”.

1989: PA-mix at the concert tour of Iskra music poetry performance ”Kontinenterna rör sig i natten (The Continents Are Moving In the Night)”.

1989: Recording and mix for Iskra demo.

1988: PA-mix for Anitas Livs at some gigs.

1987-94: Recording and mixing Prins Lätt, EP-record 1988 and for a CD soon released (winter 1999).

1987: Recording and mixing the Håkan Möller music for the play ”Blasny” at Boulevardteatern.

1987: Recording, producer, percussion, Gurre Engbergs cassette ”Inifrån (From Within)” (Aneby, Småland).

1987: Recording, mixing Iskra music for the play ”Hanjo” to be realeased as cassette.

1987: Recording, mixing Bengt Berger music for Cristina Caprioli dance piece ”Furit Aestus”.

1986: Recording + drummer Bo-Anders Persson music for the film ”Räven (The Fox)”.

1986: Recording, mixing a couple of tape music compositions by Dror Feiler.