FAH 25

Haga Gallery, Solna - Stockholm, May-Aug 1997

Ingrid Falk & Gustavo Aguerre + a sound composition by Jacob Hellner

A 22,5 meters high and 14,5 meters x 14,5 meters wide construction done with sea-containers in the form of a cross, guiving a massive and compact sensation sensation. Being in an open space outside the Haga Gallery it could be seen from a few miles away.

The audience was able to enter it by a side door in a container and furder trough the front door.


Once inside you find yourself in a 2,5 x 2,5 meters wide but 22,5 meters high room, like being at the botton of a well, getting inmediatly the sensation of falling upwards, a kind of inverse vertigo, made stronger by the hard wind that, because the chimeny effect, was blowing upwards too.

When your eyes got addapted to the dark and light contrast, you could see all those extrange dark boxes making particular noises as if something was living inside, and you falling upwards all the time at high speed, as if you find the EXIT into another world or dimention or just at the end of your life a box it is waiting for you.

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