FA 46

Ingrid Falk &

Gustavo Aguerre

At the Lake Ada

Belgrade - Serbia

July / August - 2002





Belgrade Summer Festival

Ada Land Art

Curated by

Snezana Skoko & Dragana Markovic

Punktum Art Experiment


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Belgrade it's a city with wounds, visible and invisible wounds. Ten years of oppression, corruption, blockade, isolation, for many ten years of fight against it; and then a war. Yugoslavia became Ex-Yugoslavia became Serbia-Montenegro became... Belgrade became the capital of an ex-country, and then came the bombings. The NATO succeed with killing mostly civilians, completely destroy the opposition against Milosevic and made him a patriotic hero.

Now Belgrade it's slowly trying to recover and rebuild the contact with the world in the middle of an economic collapse. Belef, the Belgrade Summer Art Festival - a yearly cultural event - it's an effort to establish new contacts in the world of dance, theater, music, performance and visual arts and regain the city for the civilians and give a new life to the summer holidays.