Kaliningrad Taken Over
FAM 61
By FA+ - Ingrid Falk & Gustavo Aguerre -
  Art-book/Object for collectors
  Photo by FA+
  Text by Gustavo Aguerre
  Sound by Membranoid (Danil Akimov)
  A fiction about Kaliningrad inspired by the short story House Taken Over (Casa Tomada) by Julio Cortazar




Kaliningrad Taken Over
  The book it's printed in 25 unique exemplars, numerated and signed by the artists.
  The size is 34 cm wide x 25 cm high.
  The covers are in rusty metal sheets 1.2 mm thick.
  - Because the way the rust behaves all the covers are unique.
  - The title it's painted by hand and it differs from cover to cover.
  It contains 145 full color pages.
  - 104 photo sides printed to the edge in 120 g. silk-shine white paper.
  - 41 photo and text sides in semitransparent trace paper.
  The book is binded by hand.
  It contains a music CD with the sound composition KTO by Membranoid.
  - KTO is the soundtrack of the book and it should be played while looking at it.
  - KTO it's composed using the recordings of FA+ in Kaliningrad.
  - The CD also includes the old Italian partisan song Bella ciao mentioned in the text.
  The text is a short-story, a fictive narrative based on a real visit to the city.
  - In the story historical and actual facts are woven with the fiction.
  - Vaguely, the story starts, in a metaphorical way, where author Julio Cortázar's House Taken Over (Casa Tomada) ended, but 55 years later, in another country and instead to enter in a house taken over the character enters in a city taken over to find out something he wasn't looking for.


The price of the book is 500 Euro
(just now, it will increase with the time)
  The book it's ONLY abailable direct from FA+
  Mail to order your exemplar at fa-art@ettnet.se


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  Episode 1
  Episode 2
 Episode 3
 Episode 4
  Episode 5
Episode 6


The book was printed with the generous support of The Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs

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