Lev! / Live!
An outdoors work of art with six elements in multiple materials

On November 16, 2012, the New Grand Central Station was opened in the city of Umeå, northern Sweden. As part of the new design, new urban spaces were created. Among them a grand underground passage connecting the station to the neighborhood of Haga on the other side of the railroad tracks.
The following day the latest art installation by FA+, titled “Lev!”, was inaugurated at the same location. Lev!, which translates to “Live!” in English, is a work devoted to the achievements of Sara Lidman, one of Sweden’s most important writers and beloved citizen of Umeå. Not merely a piece decorating the passage, but a gigantic artwork to see, hear, feel, and walk through. Lev! is the new passage itself.

The whole project started when the plans to build a new grand central station in Umeå became announced. The Sara Lidman society asked the city representatives if it would be possible to install Sara Lidman quotations in the bicycle path in the passage, much like the Strindberg quotations embedded in the asphalt of Queen’s Street in Stockholm.
Lars Sahlin, head of the department of Arts and Culture at the Umeå municipality, liked the idea and took the matter further to FA+, the artist duo that created the work in Stockholm.

After having looked at preliminary building plans, FA+ explored several possibilities to add something new along with the quotes and take the entire structure to a higher artistic level. Enabling a safer and more pleasant environment for the public as a direct result.
FA+ sketched six different building proposals and after careful consideration, the Umeå township together with the city’s department of transportation approved and decided to commission the duo for the project.

The different elements of the installation
  Sound tracks The opening
glass wall

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