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In the city of Umeå, northern Sweden, on November 17, 2012, was inaugurated FA+ new art installation Lev! (Live!), a gigantic work devoted to the achivments of Sara Lidman. An artwork to view, hear, feel, and walk trough. The work started in 2009 to be finished three years later.

The whole project started when the plans of the building of the North Sweden new railway system and the building of a new central station in Umeå became public. The Sara Lidman Society asked the Community authorities of whether it might be possible to install Sara Lidman quotations in the asphalt of the new cycle street in the new underground passage, as the Strindberg’s Quotations are installed in the asphalt of Queen’s Street in Stockholm. Umeå Community responsible of Art and Culture, Lars Sahlin, liked the idea and took the matter onwards to FA+, the artists who created the citation’s work in Stockholm. Sure they could do it but they want to do something new too.

FA+ sketched six different proposals that Umeå Township in cooperation with the city’s Transport Administration after careful consideration decided to implement and commissioned FA+ to carry on with the project.


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The different elements of the installation

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